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Bike riding and racing is faster becoming a fun activity for a lot of people. It can be a little dangerous, especially if you don’t have safety gear. You need to include boots in your motorcycle safety gear. Just don’t settle for fake boots. YSL motor boots are not only safe, but also stylish and comfortable.

Providing style, comfort and safety is something most motor boots don’t manage.  Now that you are getting all that from YSL motor boots, you have to pay dearly for them. They have been made perfectly, using high quality material.  Not everyone who wishes to add these boots to their safety gear can comfortably do so.  The price is just a little overboard. But you got to hold on; I have a solution for you.

 Instead of saving for ages just to purchase YSL motor boots, why not buy high quality cheap replicas of the same boots? The high quality replicas I am recommending are 100% similar to the real pair of boots. The replicas have been made to perfectly resemble the real shoes. The good news is that the replica YSL motor boots are far much cheaper than the original ones.  

You are most probably doubting the perfection of the replicas I am about to compare to the real shoes. This is why I have compiled a comparison between the real shoes and the replicas. Read on to see their 100% similarity.

Genuine vs High Quality Replica Review

  • Overall outlook

These boots are made of high quality leather. The quality of the leather on the real boots is similar to that on the replica shoes. If you compare the design of the zipper, shoe laces and the sole and the general outlook of the boots, you will note that the real boot and the replica are 100% identical. The body shape and sturdiness of the real shoe is similar to that of the replica. Check out the general outlook of the real and the replicated boot below.

  • High top

The high top of the shoes is well padded in both the real and the replica boots. The padding is just of enough density, to ensure you feel comfortable wearing them. The padding is stitched to the back of the shoes, using black firm stitches. The length and dimensions of the high tops of the real and the replicated pair are identical. Compare and contrast their images below.

  • The bottom

The bottom of these boots has a distinct pattern. The pattern on the YSL boot replica is similar to that on the genuine boot. The pattern appears on the front and backside of the bottom. On the center of the bottom, imprints of ‘SAINT LAURENT PARIS’ ‘MADE IN ITALY’ and the size of the boots is visible. The font type and spacing of the letters is identical on the two boots. Check the bottom side of the real and replica below.

  • The tongue

The tongue design of the real pair is slightly thick. The tongue is held together using firm small black stitches. The stitches and design of the tongue on the replica shoe pair is 100% similar to the real boots.  Check out the tongues of the two boots below.

  • Shoe laces

The black shoe laces of the YSL boots are woven. The wide woven laces have clear plastic edges. The edges ensure the woven design stays put. The design of the shoe laces on the YSL motor boots replicas are 100% similar to that on the real shoe. Check out the laces of the two boots below.

  • Mid sole

The black midsole of these boots are made of high quality rubber. The thickness of the rubber material is similar on both shoes. There are visible ridges from the sides. The ridges emerge for the distinct pattern from the bottom of the shoes. The thickness, material, color, design and ridges of the midsole on the real shoes are undistinguishable from those on the replica boot.

  • Toe box

The leather material on the toe box of these boots has been made to be sturdy. The sturdiness visible in the toe box of the real shoe is observable on the replicated pair too. The leather material has some mild luster on it. The intensity of the luster is similar on the two boots. The toe box is joined to the sole using firm black stitches.  This is applicable to both the real and replica boots. Observe the toe boxes of the real and replica YSL boots below.

With the high quality replicas, gone will be the days when you had to save up to look classy. Looking at the 100% similarity I have described above, I am convinced that you are left with no doubts that there are high quality replicas.

I know you have come across poor quality replicas that have a lot of differences from the genuine shoes. If you are not keen, you might land cheap YSL motor boots that look ridiculous. To avoid falling for such traps, I highly recommend Primestuff.

Primestuff is an online store that deals in wholesale YSL motor boots. The wholesale deals are an appropriate business solution for those owning fashion stores. With Primestuff, you are sure to get value for your money.

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