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White Air Force: Real vs High Quality Replica

White Air Force Real vs High Quality Replica

Good shoes are something that we should all strive to have. Having good shoes says a lot about your mood, fashion sense and your attitude.  Good shoes should be stylish, classy and comfortable. White Air Force sneakers are one shoe that most people dream of owning.  They are your way of looking classy, stylish and expensive. They are an ideal way of upgrading your casual style.

Unfortunately, being the lavish shoes that they are, they are exorbitantly priced. Not everyone who covets these shoes can comfortably own them.  You don’t have to overstretch beyond your ability to look stylish in this high end brand. If you want these shoes badly, but you can’t afford them, keep reading, I have good news for you. This is also your article if you want to look fashionable and classy while still on a budget. For the owners of fashion stores, this could be your solution to making more out of your business.

My good news is that you can rock high quality replica sneakers that are 100% similar to the real original pair of   White Air Force.  These reasonably priced replicas have been made perfectly; you won’t be able to spot the original pair from the replicated pair. Check out the comparison between the real pair and the replica sneaker that I have made below.

Real vs High Quality Replica Air Force Review

  • The Heel Tab

The heel tab of this shoe has the Nike Air Logo on it. The logo has been embroidered using white thread on the white surface.  This is applicable for both the real pair and the high quality replica shoe. The dimension between the three letters of the ‘AIR’ is same on the real and the replicated pair.  There is a Nike Swoosh, still done using white embroidery on the logo. A slight extension of the interior fibers is visible on the Heel tab on both the pairs.   White evenly done stitches firmly join the heel tabs of both pairs to the lower side of the back. Check out the embroidered logo on the heel tab of the real and the replica White Air Force Jordan below.

  • The Heel and the entire Back Section

The heel of this shoe has two distinct patterns from the rear view.  The two patterns are distinct in both the real and the high quality replica. There is a vertical stripe that joins the heel tab to the heel. The stripe is embedded to the rear side of the shoe using white even stitches. The features of the back of the real shoe are identical to the features of the back of the high quality Air Force replica.

 Check out the rear end of the real sneakers and that of the high quality replica below.

  • The Inner Sole

The inner sole of the White Air Force are white in color, with gray sides.  It is undistinguishable from the inner sole of the cheap pair.  The inner soles of both pairs have been made to ensure you are comfortable walking around in the sneakers. They are well padded. Check out the inner sole of the real pair and the replica below.

  • Metal Clip/Hardware

There is a metallic clip on the front of the tongue. The metallic clip is silver colored. It has the ‘AF1’ inscribed on it. The clip is attached to the shoes using white laces on the sides. The color, metal quality and attachment of the tag of the real sneaker are similar to the tag on the sneaker replica. The ‘AF1’ tag on the replica is undistinguishable from the tag on the real pair.  Observe how similar the tags are below.

  • Perforated Padding

These shoes are thickly padded to ensure you are comfortable while you are wearing them. The pads are white in color in both the real and the cheap replica. They are perforated in both. If you compare the design of the perforations on the real and the replicated pair, you sure won’t notice any differences.

  • Holes on the Toe Box

The front part of the shoe is decorated with small holes. The holes are aligned perfectly both horizontally and vertically. This alignment is perfect in both the real and the replica shoes.  Check out the holes on the front of the shoes on the two pairs below.

  • The Bottom

The bottom of this shoe is white in color. The distinct pattern on the real shoe is 100% similar to the pattern on the replicated pair.  There is a Nike logo at the bottom of the shoes. This is applicable to both the replica Air Force and the real pair. Check out the definition of the pattern on the two shoes below.

  • Top View

The top view of the real shoes is 100% similar to the view of the replicated shoes. You will notice no differences from the toes box, the laces and the eyelets, to the back of the mouth of the shoe. The replica piece has been made so perfect. It fully resembles the real pair.

I am convinced that you are well aware of how perfectly made the Air Force replicas are made. The only secret is to buy high quality replica. This way, you are sure to acquire shoes that are 100% similar to the real sneakers.

But how do you buy high quality replica when the market is flooded with low quality fake Air Force? The secret is purchasing from Primestuff. Primestuff is an online store that deals in high quality replica sneakers.  Replicas from Primestuff are so good; you won’t be able to spot any defects on them. They are as perfect as the original shoes.

Primestuff is your one-stop shopping center if you own a fashion shop. The high quality replicas that are affordable will definitely sell quickly. You are sure to quickly get value for your money if you buy wholesale Air Force.

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