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What The family added another member! The new Jordan Series 01 is here!

Last year, in honor of Jordan’s older brother Larry Jordan, Jordan

With the release of the shoe exactly one year ago, a brand new colorway has been released, and it’s What The theme.

With the What The theme, the upper is bound to be

These are the first two versions of the Nike Air Force 1.5.

The material is even more abundant, with canvas, suede, shagreen, and more, making this pair of shoes a great choice for those who are looking for a more comfortable fit.

The sole of the shoe is emblazoned with “45/2. mytag />, representing a young Jordan’s desire to reach half of his brother’s ball skills, and therefore chose half of ”45“ for his jersey number, which is ”23“. mytag />What The” will officially debut this year, but the specific release information has not been released yet, so if you like it, you may want to stay tuned for our follow-up reports! “” alt=””/>

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