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Valentino Sneakers: Replica vs Real and Where to Buy Guide

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real

Today, let’s talk about making sure that you have the right shoes on your feet. Well, there is a sea of options to choose from. Obviously, one of the top options is Valentino’s shoes. Created for the serious outdoor enthusiasts, you are missing a lot if you do not have one or more pieces in your shoe rack.

Let’s train our focus on Valentino sneakers for men. Yes, this is one of the most sought after shoes in 2019. Look around and you will see all types of folks spotting this one of its kind sneakers. And as we all know, there are real quality Valentino sneakers for men.

It is quite a piece and will need a deep pocket to buy one. For those who do not have deep pockets and still want to be fashionable in Valentino garavani sneakers, you have their high-quality replicas.

But what really is the difference between real vs replica Valentino sneakers? In this post, I will show you how close the two are and why you never lose your dimes when you buy a replica.

Real vs Replica Valentino Sneakers

  • The side metal clip

While the two Valentino shoe sneakers are very close in quality, there is a slight difference in the metal clip on the outside side. The replica has a sharply pointed clip, while the real sneaker’s clip is hollow. Take a look at the pics below.

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real
  • The blue part and the perforated section at the front

When you closely look at the blue part on the replica, you can see it is a little brighter than the real Valentino shoe blue part. Moreover, the perforated area on the replica has a dull hue and slightly wide air holes. On the flip side, the real quality Valentino sneaker perforated area has a lighter tone and the air holes are visibly smaller.

  • The logo on the sneaker’s tongue

The difference here is not much, but still worth highlighting. Both logos have ‘Valentino garavani’ inscribed on. Looking closely, the replica Valentino sneaker logo text is in bold font and slightly bigger. The text on the real shoe uses a smaller font, which is not bold.

There is some level of finesse on the real sneaker logo text.

  • Back heel and the moon-shaped sparkling part

The back of the heel for the replica has a silver-tone. The real sneaker back heel patch is darker. The moon-shaped part on the front side of the replica sneaker has a heavy tone, while the same part on the real shoe is lighter with crystal clear detailing.

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real
  • The behind the red patch

While the red patch on the back of the replica is dull and heavy, the real valentine sneaker red part is brightly red and with a smooth tone.

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real
  • The sole

Honestly, there is no much of a difference on the soles. Apart from the fake Valentino sneaker looking a little bit whiter than the real sole, both sneakers look like identical twins. Take a look and be the judge.

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real
  • The Inner sole

On this one, there is quite a berth of difference. The replica Valentino sneaker inner sole is blue. On another hand, the real quality Valentino sneaker for men’s inner sole is black.

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real

My Verdict

As you have seen clearly in the comparison with photo illustrations, there is no much difference between a real and replica Valentino shoe sneaker. Save for a few tiny deviations, the two versions are close to each other.

If you cannot afford to buy the real quality sneaker, you are as good going with the replica. The price is quite on the low and you are getting 99% quality.

Shopper’s Guide for a top-quality replica for Valentino Sneakers

Thankfully to this post, you now know the difference or similarities between a real and replica Valentino Gavarani sneaker. Your next question would be where to get Valentino sneaker sale that will not leave your pockets dry.

On that, I did some digging and here are some shopping options for replica Valentino shoes;


Dhgate is one easy spot to shop. They stock all manner of fashion items from multiple brands. Search through their shoe catalog and you might get your Valentino sneaker at very ridiculously affordable rates.


Here is home to some of the top brands for shoes. A quick search will give you countless options. You can check out their offer for Valentino’s shoes.


Taobao has an extensive reach not only in China but in every corner of the world. They are famed for stocking up hundreds of brands. You can see if they have Valentino sneakers for sale.

Prime stuff

I would like to point out one thing. Date, Aliexpress, and Taobao typically deal with low-quality merchandise. You will find their prices lower since you are likely to get some low-quality fakes.

However, Primestuff is widely known for stocking high-quality replicas. A quick search on the shoe catalog will give you hundreds of options.

The prices here may be a little bit higher, but you are getting near-to-real quality shoes. It even gets better if you buy the Valentino sneakers in wholesale.

Wrap up

Now I feel that you have adequate information to bring your shoe game up to speed. Do not fall for fake merchants when you are looking for quality replica shoes.

You know where to do your shopping and get the value of your money. Keep reading this blog for I have much more just for you.

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