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TS x Nike on the SNKRS APP!

The much-anticipated TS x Nike latest co-branded collection is finally on sale!

You can’t wait for the Air Max 1, which was originally released yesterday without warning as a “friends and family limited” colorway, and those who have managed to get their hands on it quickly show your orders!

This time, TS x Nike’s latest co-branded collection includes four pairs of shoes and apparel.

The first two pairs of Air Max 1, the yellow pair is the style of yesterday’s raid release, the upper using a combination of custom abrasion leather and mesh material, the sense of hierarchy immediately came up, of course, the barb element is essential.

In addition to the Gillie drawstring lacing system, the practicality of the shoe is also pulled full, and the overseas market price of this pair of shoes after the raid release is up to $3500 -4000 USD, which shows how much attention people pay.

There is also a pair of raw rubber colorway of the same model, brown is also the most

Then there are the two pairs of Air Trainer 1, which have been raided on the TS official website a few days ago along with the matching apparel, still continuing the upper material diversity. The shoe is also available in a variety of materials and textures.

Not only are the barbs retained, but the classic “sneaker lace pocket” is back as well. It seems that after a period of silence, TS has been planning to make a big splash!

I have to say, this TS hasn’t posted new shoes and songs for so long, is he afraid people will forget him, how come the shoes he made this time are so similar to himself?

There are also three series of apparel that are available on the SNKRS APP. These two military style prices are really handsome, with pockets made of special materials on the chest, and they can also block cell phone signals.

Last but not least, the new TS x Nike co-branded collection is now available on the SNKRS APP in China, and will be officially released on May 27th at 9am.

Two pairs of Air Max 1 x CACT.US CORP are available at ¥1199.

Two pairs of Air Trainer 1 x CACT.US CORP are available for $1099.

Two of the collection’s apparel The military jacket is available at ¥2999.

The Military Style Vest is available for $1499.

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