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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1: High Quality Replica vs Real Review

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High Quality Replica vs Real Review

These Travis Scott x Air Jordan sneakers are one sophisticated pair that a lot of people covet. Many people dream of adding these masterpieces to their shoe collection. Unfortunately, being sneakers from high-end designer brands, they are very expensive. Being exorbitantly priced, most people will just look at them from the shelves of the stores or online stores.

Fortunately, I am here to help you look at these shoes on your feet, or shoe rack. Gone will be the days when you admired them from a far. I am here to let you know how you can obtain Travis Scott x Air Jordan sneakers without necessarily spending a fortune.  This is also for all the business people with fashion stores, if you cannot seem to sell the expensive Air Jordan; I have a way out for you.

My good news is that you can obtain high quality Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 replicas that are 100% similar to the real pairs. The only difference is that the high quality replicas are cheap sneakers compared to the real ones.  You can therefore obtain the replicas, and look as classy as someone who spent a fortune purchasing the original pair.

 I have compiled a list of similarities between the cheap replica and the real pair of these sneakers below. Check out how similar the high quality replica and the real pairs are.

Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

  • The Nike Swoosh

These sneakers have a white Nike Swoosh cutting across the sides of its body. The Nike Swoosh faces backwards.  It is stitched to the surface of the Swoosh using white stitches.

If you compare the dimensions of the Nike swoosh, its orientation and direction, and the stitches attaching the Swoosh to the surface of the shoe, you will realize that there are no differences in the two pairs. The replica sneaker deserves a standing ovation for such an achievement.

  • Stitching

The stitches of these shoes have been done firmly to ensure that the parts remain together for long.  The stitches are done in pair, just to reinforce the durability of these shoes. The stitches in the replica shoe are also in twos. The stitches are brown in color in both the real and the replica.

 All the stitches are very small and evenly spaced all throughout their sections. There are no palatable differences in the stitching method used in the real pair and in those of the replicas.

  • The outsole

The outer sole of these sneakers comes in a rich shade of brown. The intensity of the brown color in the real pair is similar that of the cheap replica. The sole is detailed all through. The details and the pattern on the original pair is 100% similar to the detailing on the replicated pair.

At the centre of the outer sole, there is an inscription of ‘NIKE’ with a perfect swoosh below it. This is applicable for both the original and the replica. Check out the outer sole of the original pair and the replica below.

  • The inner sole top

Generally, the inner sole of these sneakers is navy blue in color.   The rich intensity of the color on the original is the same as the color of the Air Jordan 1 replica. There is a red drawing of the Jordan Basketball logo at the back of the inner sole in both the real and the replica.

The size of the shoe is also indicated on the inner sole. At the top of the inner sole, there is an Air Jordan basketball logo inscription. The inscription is in color red.

  • The inner sole bottom

The bottom of the inner sole is sky blue in color. They are plain on the upper surface, with horizontal stripes covering approximately ¾ of the surface.

  • Tag

These sneakers have a white tag, with bright red writings embroidered on both the surface. The trademark writings are in English and French.  The tags are stitched to the shoes with double black stitches. The beginning of the stitches is uneven, but the continuation becomes even. These features are similar in both the real and the sneaker replica.  Check out the tags of both the real and the replica below.

  • The tongue stitching

The bottom of the tongue is black in color. The ‘Cactus Jack’ black tag is stitched to the black surface using firm black stitches. The single stitches are even and firmly done. There are brown stitches that keep the folding of the tongue in place. The evenly done stitches on the real shoes are similar to the stitches on the replica.  There are no differences of the stitches of the real shoes and the replica sneakers. They are 100% similar.

With the review of the high quality replica and the real pair above, I am convinced that you can now fully trust the high quality replica Travis Scott and Air Jordan 1.  Trust me; you cannot differentiate a high quality replica from a real pair, unless it is pointed out to you. The replicas I am talking about are 100% similar to the real pair. Wearing them is as good as wearing the real pair. The only difference between the two pairs is the price. The original ones are pricey, while the high quality replicas are affordable.

Beware of poorly made replicas that have flooded the market. You do not want to look ridiculous in those poorly made replicas.  Those fake Air Jordan can make you look cheap with a poor sense of fashion.   No one wants to come out looking like a fashion clown. For high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the original pair, stick to Primestuff. Primestuff is an online store that is reliable in supplying high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the original pair.

If you own a fashion shop, purchasing wholesale Air Jordan from Prime stuff is your sure way to get maximum profit from your sales. Purchase wholesale sneakers from Primestuff for the best discounts you will ever meet.

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