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Since its establishment in 1854, Louis Vuitton has been providing its customers with highly durable and fashionable products different from its competitors. It is regarded as one of the most stylish cloth brands in the whole world and a brand of choice for many celebrities. Their products are however at the pricier end which is unaffordable to most people. They therefore find the next thing closest to a genuine Louis Vuitton backpackreplica Louis Vuitton.

Over the years, fake Louis Vuitton backpack sellers have been making a killing selling these replica backpacks to unsuspecting buyers or to shoppers who have come to specifically buy those. A replica Louis Vuitton backpack is a backpack designed to match the quality of a genuine backpack in such a way that you cannot tell them apart.


  1. Louis Vuitton Apollo backpack
  • Louis Vuitton M41815 Lock me Backpack Taurillon Leather
  • Louis Vuitton M40107 Bosphore Backpack Monogram Canvas
  • Louis Vuitton M42971 Palm Springs Backpack Mini World Tour Monogram
  • Louis Vuitton M43296 Steamer Backpack Monogram Savane Canvas
  • Louis Vuitton M43409 Monogram Eclipse Flash FragmentZack Backpack
  • Louis Vuitton Christopher  PM Backpack Monogram Canvas
  • Louis Vuitton x supreme M53414 Christopher PM backpack Epi Leather
  • Louis Vuitton M3425 Christopher PM Backpack Epi Leather
  • Louis Vuiton Discovery Backpack Monogram Eclipse M43694

Where to buy Louis Vuitton Backpacks

Just as making a genuine bag purchase, buying a fake Louis Vuitton shoulder bag can be quite the hassle. Sellers will not only sell the poorest of qualities but will also overprice their bags. When doing your shopping, we recommend that you dig around in sites as we will recommend further below getting the best of services and the best possible products for your cash. These sellers are giving you the luxury you can afford and at a look as close to the genuine thing as possible and we recommend them as trusted sellers of good and high quality replica Louis Vuitton backpacks.

  1. Dhgate

This site offers great discounts on both on and off season bags. For the best Louis Vuitton replica bags, stitched with Louis Vuitton precision, we recommend this site. They also offer free shipping for all their Louis Vuitton backpacks. For wholesale buyers, Dhgate has had over 15 years of wholesale experience with numerous drop-off points to ensure you access your shipment safe. They do worldwide deliveries and give a money back guarantee if the order does not fulfill customer’s desire as per the description.

  • Louis Vuitton Replica Bags

This site promises customers shopping for fake cheap Luis Vuitton
backpacks “genuine quality leather bags” with a quality only comparable to the genuine bag. They make and distribute backpacks of the exact size, markings and craftsmanship that its genuine clone has. The site also has a 24/7 customer support service to ensure all inquiries and needs are met.  They offer worldwide shipping with a money back guarantee that lasts for a whole month since purchase of goods and is processed in between 1-3 days.

  • Chinabrands

This is the largest supplier of cheap clothes and accessories in China. They offer free shipping for their products with no minimum purchase required.  The site has a high sense of quality control that ensures that in as much as it’s a replica Louis Vuitton backpack that you are buying; you are getting nothing but the best. They also offer a 24/7 customer service that ensures you have the best professional customer service at your disposal.


Established in 2011, this site has been offering the best luxury items at the cheapest possible prices with a quality matched by Louis Vuitton Genuine products. Their shipping costs and delivery time are dependent on your location or picking point and depending on your distance; your order can get to you within a day.


As he name suggests, this site exclusively sells Louis Vuitton replicas and their bag collection leaves less to be desired. They have every bag by LouisVuitton with a quality that matches the genuine bags pound for pound. Each of their bags comes with a genuine Louis Vuitton kit that includes a gift bag and Louis Vuitton papers. They have a 24/7 customer help service that you can rely on to answer any shipping question you have.


With great looks and great discounts on purchases (up to 70% off), this site promises to ensure you are getting the best from Louis Vuitton with a price that will be pocket friendly and affordable to you. The site exclusively focuses on Louis Vuitton products with a special attention to replica Louis Vuitton backpacks. They have over ten payment methods and are a certified seller so you will have no reason to fear nor fail to trust what they are selling.

Buying products online from a seller whom you cannot scrutinize physically is a huge risk on the buyer’s side. The above recommended sites have been looked at by our team and are both safe and trustworthy for every shopper out there and we hope that you will use this to guide your shopping in the future.


Louis Vuitton is a highly popular brand and their bags are both efficient, tough and stay fashionable to ensure you not only stand out but also keep up with the trends of the season or of the year. These bags can also be personalized as per your need by the sellers to ensure that you get a bag that you will never see on someone else.

We encourage you to, however, buy the genuine bags if you can afford them and try sell to your customers the best and genuine Louis V backpacks unless one requests otherwise. The seeking of replica Louis Vuitton bags can bring give your business a bad reputation among customers as well as legal action by Louis Vuitton for the sale of fake backpacks. Before you sell any replica Louis Vuitton Backpack, ensure you have proper licenses and permits from your country to protect you in case of anything.

We otherwise hope to have answered and fulfilled your desire of owning a piece of one of the world’s most luxurious fashion brand.

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