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The ultimate Taobao Guide to buying Replica Givenchy Shoes

The ultimate Taobao Guide


The ultimate Taobao Guide to buying Replica Givenchy Shoes

The ultimate Taobao Guide
Taobao is one of the most popular Chinese online shopping stores in the world. They launched an overseas market website ( and a forwarding service (Taobao cargo) for its international buyers. The forwarding service consolidates other features and services like Taobao. Global Direct Shipping among others for a splendid shipping shopping experience. This is a great site to shop your high-quality replica Givenchy shoes from.

  • Translating the site

Despite the popularity of Taobao, it is still difficult to use for most users as its default language is in Mandarin. If you do not understand Chinese, you will need to translate the page or site in order o shop effectively and in a language you understand.

Download and install Google Chrome

Download and install Google Chrome and use it to access the site on any of your devices. Once you access the site, a dialog box opens up and prompts on whether the page or site should be translated and to which language.

Choose English or the language you most understand and select “always translate this page/site” and each time you access the site from any of your devices, it will be translated to the language of your choice.

Google Chrome might offer a poor translation of the Mandarin language, but it is sufficient enough for you to effectively shop for Cheap fake Givenchy shoes.

  • Create an account

You will need an account to shop through and using Taobao.  It is advisable that you create an account through their app due to additional features of the app compared to the site. It is available for downloads on Android and iOS devices.

The app requires permission to access your gallery, camera, and location in order to function effectively and you will need to grant this when the dialog box comes up when you install it.

The app allows for an English sign up now hence you do not need to worry about translations or a failure to understand the language used.

Use your phone number to register the account in order to receive the 6-digit OTP that will be sent to your phone for account confirmation.

You can search for replica Givenchy shoes using the keywords “replica Givenchy shoes,” “Givenchy shoes” or “wholesale Givenchy shoes” or even use the image of the shoes to search for and get high-quality replica Givenchy shoes.

The app also has a search by filter feature that enables you to search for specific shoes, brands and even price ranges for your replica Givenchy shoe shopping.

Once you have found the replica Givenchy shoes you desire, tap on the image and this will take you to the product page of the shoe. You will get a product description of the shoe and the material used to make it as well as pictures of the Givenchy shoe.

Further lower on the page, there is a product review of the shoe and seller from past customers that will let you make decisions on the purchase.

Customers also rate fake Givenchy shoes and their ratings are represented by hearts beside the user’s name.

Once you have made all your shopping or found the Givenchy shoe you were shopping for, you can add the items to the cart by pressing a light orange button ‘Add to cart’.

After this, select the color of the item and style you want and press the confirm button. A notification will be sent to you once the item has been successfully added to the cart and is ready for checkout.

The app also lets you chat directly with the seller using audio.

This feature can be accessed through a speech bubble icon. Long press this button to be able to record your questions or any other form of communication you might have for the seller.

Taobao, just like many Chinese internet sites, will use the words “dear” and “precious item” to refer to the buyer and the replica Givenchy shoe of your choice.

  • Placing Your Order(The ultimate Taobao Guide )

Although the Taobao supports international logistics for international customers, including credit card support.

It is still in Chinese when you reach this point. Once you have selected the items you need to buy if you are a new customer. You will need to add a new shipping address for the delivery of your purchase.

For customers outside China, there are three shipping methods available for them;

Direct delivery by the seller, Taq-Bin direct shipment (only for Taiwan areas). Taobao direct shipment (for Singapore and Malaysia) or consolidated shipment.

After selecting your desired or available shipment method. You will be needed to confirm your purchase which takes you to the payment page.

  • Payment for replica Givenchy shoe

The next page is the Alipay account platform with your name assigned to an Alipay account. If this is your first payment on the platform, or are a new user. You will need to create an Alipay account password (advisable to be a 6 digit password). Which is not the same as your account password.

You will then be able to choose a payment account option through the various credit/debit card options available for payment. Including the mobile payment method, PayPal.

Once you have confirmed payment and checked to ensure it is the right order.

You will wait for your replica Givenchy shoes to arrive at the warehouse and once this has been done.

Click on pay for international shipping and select the orders. That you want to consolidate and pay the international shipping fee for the items.

  • Tracking and receiving your replica Givenchy shoe

Once the forwarder receives your order, it takes different times depending on your location but largely follows these schedules:

  • USA: JCEX UPS 5-7 business days, JCEX USPS 7-9 business days, Zhongshan EMS/DHL 9 business days.
  • Canada: UPS 5-7 business days, EMS/DHL 9 business days
  • Australia: JCEX 5 business days, ZTO 6 business days 4px 7 business days
  • New Zealand: 7 business days
  • Singapore: 5 business days
  • Malaysia: West Malaysia 5 business days, east Malaysia 7 business days
  • Japan: 4px 5 business days, PRouter 4-8 business days

The speed of your local customs and postal addresses to clear your purchase. Will affect the delivery time of the replica Givenchy shoe.

For buyers in countries that the shipping service does not cover. You will be able to receive your purchase through the Taobao agent who receives it.

And mails your replica Givenchy shoes to you at a fee.

When still under shipping. You can track your shoes through the courier’s website or other options provided for as per your location.

Shopping on Taobao avails to you a large variety of high-quality replica shoes. And other clothing available through and from the site. (The ultimate Taobao Guide )

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