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The super expensive Y-3 is back! Ready for tomorrow’s release?

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When adidas and Yohji Yamamoto made their debut at Paris Fashion Week with the Y-3 collection 20 years ago, the duo revolutionized the fashion world.

Even today, with a super high launch price and countless celebrity footwear, the Y-3 remains a top influence in the fashion world.

Recently, a new pair of adidas Y-3 Qasa High has been released as an official model.

The model was first created in 2013 and quickly caught on in the streets upon its release.

Now that Y-3 has brought this classic model back to our attention, it’s a perfect ending to their collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto.

Back to the shoe itself, the visually striking upper and midsole shape are retained, and the color scheme remains the same.

The elastic mesh and the elastic band on the upper are also a familiar flavor.

It is reported that the new adidas Y-3 Qasa High will The new adidas Y-3 Qasa High will be released on May 25 for $400, so if you like it, stay tuned for more coverage.

adidas Y-3 Qasa High
Item number: B35673
Release date: May 25
Release price: $400

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