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The successor to the popular Trainer? LV’s new “bread shoes” are revealed!

While the Pops are still the mainstay of the moment, they are inevitably aesthetically fatiguing after years of popularity, and recently the “Bread Shoes” have added a spark to the sneaker scene.

It is with the Curb “bread shoe” that Lanvin, the old fashion brand, has returned to the sneakerheads in the past few years, and even Travis Scott has put his foot on it.

▼ Travis Scott’s footwear

Like the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton also recently brought a new “bread shoe”.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather and mesh, the toe is covered with textured leather, the side of the shoe has a four-leaf clover pattern, the lace-up buckle is printed with a rounded Louis Vuitton font, and the outer midsole of the shoe continues the Louis Vuitton three logo pattern.

The shoe carries the word 1854, symbolizing the year of Louis Vuitton’s birth.

The year of Louis Vuitton’s birth.

In terms of styling, the complex upper structure, the full and rounded shape, the thickened tongue and the thicker

Perhaps this shoe will be the successor to the explosive Louis Vuitton Trainer.

Pic via: theimedsoussi

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