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The second wave of new products is here! The House of Paris x YEEZY x GAP triple co-branding opens tonight!

As the man at the top of the trendy pyramid, Kanye’s every move touches the hearts of trendy gamers.

Just yesterday, he joined forces with MUJI designer Naoto Fukasawa to redesign McDonald’s food packaging.

Right after that, Ye and BALENCIAGA designer Demna The second wave of new products from Ye and BALENCIAGA’s designer Demna are on the shelves and they are busy!

Back in February this year, YEEZY GAP The first wave of items from the ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA collection was released back in February.

The original price of $2000 for the sweatshirt didn’t stop players from snapping it up, and it was fired up to several thousand dollars after it went on sale.

About two weeks ago, underneath Kanye’s YouTube account, Kanye Ye Previewed this second wave of new releases.

According to the official YZY x GAP  news

The cool black color, washed, and oversize silhouette silhouette is still Kanye’s strong personal style.

The upper body also looks quite good, with a casual street vibe pulling it all together.

The most attractive part of the collection is the new backpack items that have been introduced.

Currently YEEZYGAP.COM has

The specific price has not been released yet, you can refer to the previous wave of pricing.

Pic via: yeezyxgap/kanye west

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