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The Replica Audemars Piguet watches series 15350 vs the Original and fake spot review

V9 is a powerhouse of iconic timepieces. They know how to dress your wrist in the style that will set tongues wagging. Today, we are going to look at Audemars Piguet series 15350 for men’s watches that is exactly as the original V9. In fact, the replica Audemars Piguet watches captures every tiny detail and it becomes literally impossible to tell it from the original piece.

When it comes to the inner working and design of their watches, V9 opens up their purse. No expense is spared until the right quality is guaranteed for customers. On the original model, a delicate process of opening up the piece is undertaken. Every part is worked on one at a time. Such is what results into reduced height and stable movement of this one of its kind timepieces.

The most exterior layer is typically cast copper. To give it a new durable and abrasion-resistant touch, 750 plate of gold covers it. It goes in deeper to 5 filaments of thickness. This is exactly the weight of the original. More importantly, there is no any chance of fading.

That is not the only area where the two are synchronized. The sizing is the same at 41mm by 47mm and a thickness of 13mm. The casing data is exactly as it is on the original. You will be surprised to note that both the screw positioning and sizes are perfect matches for the original. You can actually interchange the rings, lens, and covers for both and have no problem in fitting. The replica watches is actually a true reflection of the original and nothing else could be used to pay homage to the true V9.

Specification for the Replica

  • The Movement

The movement of the replica Audemars Piguet watches has the signature twisting structure that is consistent with the original V9. Such a structure leaves the mechanical parts exposed to the surface. This precision in styling is not easy to achieve. Actually, it takes the redesigning of the escapement, pallet fork, and the wheel to achieve it. Thanks to such creativity and an eye for details, you can clearly see 12 bridges when looking at the top surface of the movement. You might be wondering why the artists went through all the trouble to bring the bridges on to the surface. The bridges are used to hold in place components on the three arcs of the movement’s surface. These components are the snail threading, transverse Geneva ripples, pearl dot grinding, as well as other unique decorations on the surface.

With all that detailing, everything looks like the original. The movement is hierarchical; the spherical ruby is exactly on the digits 10, 11, and 12, while the visible screws are on the same spots as would be on the authentic piece. You cannot ignore the good work done by replication from the China’s leading light industry. They got it right with everything on this men’s fake Audemars Piguet watch.

  • Literal Features

A bird’s view of the watch’s top surface will show striking resemblance. The Roman characters of the fake AP watches are done neatly with same font, positions, and size matching the original. The gloss of the letters is made possible by the use of high-end quality oil to produce the same results. Even on touch, you can feel that the texture is the same on both pieces. The glass part is pure sapphire, which is extremely permeable and scratch-resistant. If these are the features you use to tell the two pieces apart, you will not get any difference.  

  • Material

To achieve the same weight and luster as the original, the replica AP watches copper layer is covered with 750-gold plate. The plating has a thickness of 5 wires. All these not only make sure that the weight is the same on both the replica and original, but also assure you of no fading at all. That is one great way of getting the value for your money even if you choose to go with the high quality replica watch.

  • Resemblance of the parts

A good replica watch has to get everything correct if it wishes to be said in the same breath as the original. Truthfully, this watch has done all that to match every small detailing of the original. The parts can be used on the original and just fit in like they belong there. It is such a touch of genius making the ring, lens, cover, glass, and every other part be a 100% resemblance of the original. It takes time, patience, and appreciation of art to come up with such replication.

  • Size

Size is one of the parameters we can use to tell a fake from a replica or an original. Fortunately, the V9 Audemars Piguet replica here got the sizing right. It is 41mm by 47mm by a thickness of 13mm. These are the exact dimensions of the original.

Let me bring you the sizing details and how they are crucial. When you get the dimensions right, it makes the piece as good as the real thing. When you put the replica watch on top of the original, their diameters are the same. They sit on the wrist without showing any bagginess. The left and right edges are neatly trimmed not to cross over the width of the wrist. This is like the analogy of a home whereby everything from outside to indoor is styled to give a uniform theme.

While the Millenary 4101 has a seamlessly feel about it, the new replica brings together the inside and outside to blend harmoniously. Most of other poorly done replicas only concentrate on the overall design at the expense of the small details that ultimately make huge differences. Fortunately, the Audemars Piguet watches replica focused both on the inside and outside to bring to you an exact match for the original timepiece. The aesthetics, functionalities are all reflective of each other.

You see, high quality replicas can be 100% match for the real deals. If you would like to shop for top quality replica watches, is always the place for you.

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