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The Nike N7 Free is a new stirrup shoe coming soon!

Every year Nike releases the N7 collection inspired by Native American culture, both in terms of colorways and

Every year, Nike releases the Native American-inspired N7 collection, and the color palette and materials used are always a hit.

Recently, Nike’s new N7 collection is back. A Free Crater Trail Moc Mule is the first to debut.

With a unique one-foot stirrup shape and a striped slipper-like upper, the Free Crater Trail Moc Mule offers a strong sense of style.

The inner leather part of the stripes has a special tie-dye effect, adding a touch of handcrafted texture to the shoe.

The heel part is open design, easy to put on and take off.

The sole of the shoe is inherited from the classic Free running shoe, Free Run Trail.

Only one of the most popular and popular brands of shoes in the world is the Free Run Trail.

These shoes are comfortable and easy to wear, and the shape and color scheme are perfect for lazy casual style. Those who need a pair of everyday shoes may want to look out for them.

The N7 series will be released in the near future, but it is unlikely that the N7 series will be available in China, so those who want it may need to get it through channels such as Amoy.

Nike N7 Free Crater Trail Moc Mule
Items: DQ7605-200

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