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The New replica LV Bag Wave is purely charming

When it was becoming very easy to come across a fake Louis Vuitton bag, the brand must have been losing billions of dollars. Part of the reasons for easy counterfeiting may have been staying on the same monogram designs for so long that con artists learned the game. It seems, Louis Vuitton realized that and moved from the old designs to a new wave of colorful masterpieces. We are talking about LV’s new crop of bags that have taken a totally different direction. Since the summer of 2018, the new pieces from Louis Vuitton have been the talk of the fashion industry and gossip magazines.

A few months after the release of the new wave women handbags, I was nostalgic about the old monogram bags. I even went ahead to search the internet intensively to see what I could get. In the old crop, you could easily get very cheap Louis Vuitton bags. As much as the new entrants were competitively priced, they were still ahead of what most of customers were used to. It was no longer time for the rainbow-inspired themes by Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist who was almost synonymous with LV creativity. It is now turn for Nicolas Ghesquiere at the helm, who decided to turn around the LV ship to a different direction.

Detailing the New Bag Wave

Louis Vuitton women bags have been through revolution that took many years. However, the new twist is instant and targeting to return the brand into its glory years. On the new Louis Vuitton bag, the monogram print is conscipicuously missing. However, the LV logo is predominantly present coming in golden and sliver tones on different bags.

The straps have rich embroidery and the Luis Vuitton letters are dominating in a rainbow of colors. In that, you can briefly see a resemblance to the monograms but that is as far as it goes. The idea of aesthetics is strikingly the same and you are right if you had a mental jump to Louis Vuitton bags of the yester years when you see the new release. Surprisingly, the Louis Vuitton replicas of the new bags are as close to the real thing as it may get.

Comparing the new line of bags to Murakami’s era, there are wide berths of differences. How so? One, the bags are created from quilted leather of calf skin. Before that, it used to be canvas with a durable coating. Secondly, the new shapes are alien to the LV house of fashion. It is nothing we have seen before. Such is a collection of shapes with varying geometry that will definitely be a big catch with the younger generation. The classics of Louis Vuitton are no longer the underlined designs.

Currently, you will get the bags in two definitive sizes and both have a curvy bottom with a dip at the center. The shopping tote is what tries to pay homage to LV handbags of the former years. Its embroidery is in sync on both real and replica LV bag collection from the old generation. As much as the chain straps try to curve their own path with a number of structural differences, you can still see in them where the inspiration comes from. For me, it feels more of the vintage pieces from Chanel and Laurent handbags.

Tracing the Origin of LV new Wave Bags

As it is with every fashion brand, ideas do not just come from the blues. If you have kept pace with LV revolution, you will know that there is a consistency with every change they make. Even for high quality replica bags, there is always a seamless connection between the old and the new. Therefore, it has been the same path of change for the quilted, wavy and rich-hued LV new bags. Where does the concept begin?

When we go back in time into the archives of Louis Vuitton shoes, there was once a line of 12 shoes that had rich and deep colors. They had multiple-colored stripes right on the top of the iconic monogram toile. That is one way to explain the origin of the new school bags. Another way is looking into the new wave music that was born over 40 years ago. It is music that expresses distinct attitude and freedom of fashion. To the millennials, this is a fashion trend to stay ‘cool’. In its effort to take care of the interests of generation Y, Louis Vuitton borrowed from what was already trending.

You can see there is an intended balance between youthful influence and heritage in the new wave. You can also see the mix of innovation and currency taking center stage. Most importantly, the collection has cheap Louis Vuitton bags targeting the youth who many not have much to spend. The quilting on the calf leather is the most outstanding feature on all the bags. The wave motif has been creatively used to differentiate the main two silhouettes of the chain tote and chain bag. It is actually one of the features that ensure Louis Vuitton women bags are not only small in size but also colorful.

From the look of things, LV will be staying on the new collection for quite a while. Both scarlet and black will be the mainstay hues, but seasonal tones will also be present. You can now get your cheap Louis Vuitton bag in show white, Malibu green, or smoothie pink to go hand-in-hand with your seasonal preferences. For sure, the wave of quilting is bound to become LV signature style as a show of dynamism and the willingness to move with change.

Buying Guide for LV new wave bags

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