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The market price rose slightly! This morning “patent leather forbidden to wear” AJ1 you won?

This morning SNKRS released the “patent leather no-wear” Air Jordan 1 “. Bred Patent” Have you grabbed it yet?

Originally scheduled for release on December 30, the Black and Red Air Jordan 1 finally debuted today after an extra week of waiting, and is currently priced slightly above the $1299 MSRP, with 42.5 yards at around $1600, making it undoubtedly the cheapest pair of Black and Red Air Jordan 1.

The status of the Black and Red Air Jordan 1 goes without saying, the last time it returned was in 2016.

Although not the original replica, it still retains some of the soul and essence of the first year.

I’ve already brought you the unboxing and footage before, and both the physical appearance and the footage are pretty good.

The patent leather looks more vibrant and eye-catching than traditional leather, the downside is that in terms of texture performance

The effect on the feet is really not much different from traditional black and red, and the patent leather material is stiffer and more rigid. The upper won’t cave in from prolonged wear.

If you like it, we recommend you to get it before it’s too late, after all, the quality is good. The Air Jordan 1 has a bit of a price increase potential.


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