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The Inventory of Top Popular Louis Vuitton Backpack Wholesale 2019 for Men (5 models)

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1,Louis Vuitton CHRISTOPHER BACKPACK – $2800 up

Louis Vuitton Christopher PM, a powerful daily bag in the LV men’s backpack family, it has been popular among lv bags fans since 2018. As has designed for daily use, the versatility of LV’s backpack makes it ideal for young people and business people. The size of the LV’s backpack is 18.8 x 16.1 x 5.1 inch. It takes into account the capacity of the interior space for one day. Hence, to find cheap

Compared with other styles of LV backpacks, this backpack incorporates modern sports fashion elements into the classic elements of LV, which makes his appearance look elegant and full of vitality. sense. At the same time, this backpack has a variety of colors such as black, khaki, maroon, dark blue, red and contrast, plus lv classic prints and different materials, to provide enough choices for different people.

Since its inception, this backpack has been loved by fashion trendsetters and celebrities. As a backpack that combines classics and sports, Louis Vuitton Christopher PM has enough confidence to bring the trend and convenience to those who carry it.Even for the Louis Vuitton Christopher PM replica, it could give you a decent looking.

The more popular products are, the more replicas there are. The comparison between true and false is very necessary, obviously it is not easy to make a comparison between the fake Louis Vuitton CHRISTOPHER BACKPACK and the real one. We have written a special article on the true and false comparison of LV, you can refer to this blog post –

2, Louis Vuitton CHRISTOPHER GM backpack for men -$4900 up

Compared to louis vuitton CHRISTOPHER PM BACKPACK, this Louis Vuitton CHRISTOPHER GM backpack is much larger and almost twice the width of the louis vuitton CHRISTOPHER PM BACKPACK. The size is 19.2 x 17.3 x 8.6 inch. This backpack was first unveiled in the fall and winter of 2004. This backpack is also designed with the characteristics of a hiking backpack. It is ideal for short-term city trips of 1-2 days. In addition, it is very suitable for business people to buy this backpack as for short-term business exhibitions and meetings.

3, Louis Vuitton Campus Small Backpack- $2800 up

Compared to Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack, this Louis Vuitton Campus backpack is more suitable for men in design, because Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack cheap and Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack mini replica are more suitable for women (louis vuitton backpack women) straps out of the street, and this, The wholesale Louis Vuitton Campus backpack is simple and clear, with a strong urban function, suitable for everyday work. The backpack’s classic print and leather materials from lv have been well received since its launch. The bag measures two sizes, 11.81 x 15.35 x 5.12 inches and 15.3 x H 11.8 x W 5.3 inches, can accommodate books, laptops, etc.

4, Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack Josh Backpack For Men – $2200 up

From the appearance, this Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack for men looks more refined and mini, his size is 12.6 x H 15.7 x W 5.1 inches. And this Louis Vuitton Mini backpack replica is richer in color matching than the louis vuitton campus backpack, and in design, this backpack is simpler than the Wholesale Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack. This is also a versatile model, very suitable for fashion trends out.

5, Supreme Louis Vuitton Backpack- $11,000 up

The last thing that needs to be emphsized is the Supreme Louis Vuitton backpack wholesale, which is made of Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher backpack replica. The backpack is made of durable Epi leather with the supreme cool brand name, which perfectly combines supreme and Louis Vuitton. specialty. His two color matching black and red Louis Vuitton Supreme backpack cheap makes this backpack more distinctive and recognizable. This backpack has been loved since its launch in 2017.

We have written a special article on the true and false comparison of LV, you can refer to this blog post, considering the expensive price, in order to get the authentic 1:1 replica at the right price, feel free to contact us.

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