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The Development of High Imitation of Replica Panerai Watches Movement

The Development of Cheap Panerai Watch

Hello everyone, today I will briefly introduce the development of the movement of Panerai and how many versions have been experienced. This article is to introduce the replica Panerai watches, those hundreds of one-eye fake movements which will now be resolved by fools are not included in this article. First come to the two original Panerai companies wholesale Panerai KW and Panerai ZF replica. Why are the two talked together? Let’s talk about something beyond the topic. When KW started to make a watch, ZF was to help KW release the goods as an agent to KW. (The early watches didn’t have any messy English letters. I wrote it so just to make it easy to read.) Later, KW divided his own goods into several sales, which led to conflicts between the two. Afterwards ZF directly made all kinds of KW watches. So that’s why people saw the same model in the KW and ZF factories in the early years, BUT the price is not the same. One produced an upgrade version, another made a renewed one. They did a job for each other, they even did so in the double 11 and 12 (Nov.11 and Sept.12). This is the cause. The early automaton Panerai was divided into Shanghai 7750 and Tianjin 7750 two movements, Tianjin machine is cheaper.

The picture below is what the Shanghai machine looks like, its balance spring is at 7 o’clock. It’s similar to the original, but the direction is just the opposite to the original.

The balance spring of Tianjin movement is directly at 6 o’clock, for which many friends spit a fake at the time. However, for the movement price ratio, Tianjin is slightly cheaper and more stable than the Shanghai machine. Many friends struggled with the movement when they brought the Panerai. From the current point of view, In fact, the movement of the both are not very stable. Most of the problems are: the auto power save of the watch is low, the watch likely stops the next day, it must be wound up every two days.

Automatic Panerai is a main line, the other one is the manual type Panerai radiomir wholesale. The manual type Panerai, for instance, Panerai Luminor watch replica is made based on the Seagull 6497 machine. This manual movement is widely used under the current replica watch. The corresponding models are the native models of Panerai PAM005, 111, 372, 127, etc. Among these models, 372 has a 3-day power reserve. This set of manual movement stability is quite OK. Many early users expressed that they purchased this type three or four years ago, and the machine has been correctly working.

The finale is the VS version of the automatic movement Luminor Marina Panerai watch wholesale, this movement was launched by KW by the rename of VS. The style covers all the models below (There are some that I didn’t mark). The biggest change in the movement is that the position of the Shock Absorber balance was changed to the corresponding position at 7 o’clock, the same as the original location. And the integrated design can adapt to the new Panerai shell with thinner thickness, which resulted in the great increase in power reserve. The repair is very low based on the modification of the movement and the manufacturer has not announced it. We regard that the most important to see the result as a consumer. With the launch of the VS version of best Panerai watches cheap, Panerai Ferrari watch replica of the ZF plant slowly faded out of the market, and now only a small amount is in production.

Summary: the old automatic movement of Panerai watch fake is really synonymous with flashy. The workmanship of the watch is beautiful, but the watch lacks a reliable movement. The situation is completely different now.  The ownership of Panerai can be an authentic watch matched with a few fakes. Spend a small sum of money to do big things.

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