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How to Spot Replica & Fake Canada Goose Parka?

You can differentiate an Original Canada Goose from a Replica one by observing the following:

1.Canada Goose Parka: FUR Collar

Original Canada Goose fur collar is made with coyote fur, and the collar of a Replica & Fake Canada Goose parka is normally made with Raccoon fur. The market price of fox fur is twice that of raccoon fur.

The size of an original fur collar is about 55cm in length, 15cm in width. The cost of fox fur is 30-40usd per piece and the same size of raccoon fur collar is around 20usd per piece.

Coyote fur has a much softer texture, it looks more refined and luscious.  A Replica Canada Goose parka has fur that is typically made with raccoon fur which is a lot coarser and is smaller.… Read More