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Replica Tudor Watch

Tudor Black Bay

Replica & Fake Tudor Black Bay – How to Identify The Real

For all the pics in this article, R=Real, QR= Quality Replica

Foreword: I have already shared two Rolex’s true and false identification teachings. It is said that Rolex represents the strongest craftsmanship of watches. Compared with the Rolex replica, it will increase the difficulty. However, for the Replica Tudor heritage Black Bay introduced today, which is Tudor Black Bay red cheap, it is much simpler to identify. Today, I used the old version of the little red flower in this rudder real table. What is the difference between the old and new safflower in the F factory? The bottom cover will be different, then, the old safflower of the movement is the last version of the Tudor with the ETA282 movement, the new version of the small red flower is the self-produced movement MT5602.… Read More