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replica Prada nylon bag


Prada Nylon: How to tell the real from replica prada handbags

In 1984, Prada pulled a move that no one ever imagined could work in the fashion industry. Thanks to their lucky star, Prada’s ingenuity became a pillar that holds up to date. We are talking about a backpack, lightweight, durable and could resist the tear and wear of daily use. Surprisingly, this bag was not made from leather or any other invaluable natural material. It was all nylon. Yes, you heard that right. The ripstop nylon was a first in luxury items, but did not disappoint. In fact, copying it were Vetements and Cèline who devised a nylon backpack of their own.

Initially, Prada sourced its raw plastic from the military. They have created bags for most of their product lines.… Read More

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