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Nike Off White

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Nike Off White Collab Release Introduction and Buying Strategies

Without a doubt, the award of the hottest shoe style of 2017 belongs to no other but “The Ten ”Nike Off White Shoes, a collaboration project between Virgil Abloh and Nike. This all-star project translates brand new ideas into designs to reconstruct 10 classics, creating a neat portfolio for us to look into Nike’s past, present and future. Virgil’s innovative way of creative expression flawlessly showcases the story and essence of each and every piece of design

OFF-WHITE, the celebrated high-end street style brand founded by Virgin Abloh (who is also the appointed stylist of Kanye West) in 2013, has since been a favourite in the fashion world with incessant support from countless celebrities. As an ambitious fashion brand, the first item on OFF-WHITE’s to-do-list is of course to team up with different brands to launch collaborated collections.… Read More

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Replica Nike Off White Air Jordan 1 White Spot

The recently launched Nike Off White Air Jordan 1 sneakers in all white are no new news to sneaker fans. Today, let’s take a look at how we can differentiate a pair of original Nike Off White Air Jordan 1 sneakers in all white to a pair of replica. This is not a difficult feat at all – the secrets simply lie in looking at various details on the shoes.

Point 1: Stitching on shoes. All stitching on the sneakers should be white in colour. As seen on a fake above (right), said stitching is in black colour instead.

Point 2: Nike Swoosh. The stitching on the shoe’s Nike Swoosh should be in a sky blue shade, as seen in picture (left) above.… Read More