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How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers
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How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers and high quality replica ace sneakers review

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers
Are you Gucciphile?

Then you must know that the Florentine House has been under the watchful eyes of Alessandro Michele since 2015. Upon taking reins, Michele led a revolution that saw everything changing. In the line of change was the Gucci ace sneaker.

The ace saw a new dawn thanks to the more-is-more approach adopted by the new fashion sheriff in town. This shoe is now a must-have piece and its popularity is hitting an all-time high.

With the surge came the wave of counterfeits. Lousy merchants were out to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Thankfully, I have decided to draw the line between the real and fake Gucci ace sneakers.… Read More

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real

Valentino Sneakers: Replica vs Real and Where to Buy Guide

Valentino Sneakers Replica vs Real

Today, let’s talk about making sure that you have the right shoes on your feet. Well, there is a sea of options to choose from. Obviously, one of the top options is Valentino’s shoes. Created for the serious outdoor enthusiasts, you are missing a lot if you do not have one or more pieces in your shoe rack.

Let’s train our focus on Valentino sneakers for men. Yes, this is one of the most sought after shoes in 2019. Look around and you will see all types of folks spotting this one of its kind sneakers. And as we all know, there are real quality Valentino sneakers for men.

It is quite a piece and will need a deep pocket to buy one.… Read More

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How to Find Replica Gucci Shoes at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

Perfect Quality Replica Gucci Ace sneakers spot and supplier finding guide. -Updated in 2019.6.10

Today i will talk about the popular style in gucci ace: the gucci ace sneakers bee .

Firstly, the bee embroidery on the gucci ace sneakers for men and women is different,but most replica gucci ace sneakers factory don’t know this details, the following are the difference:

  1. the shape of the bee: on the original men’s gucci ace bee sneakers,the bee is male, the front leg and back leg is more straight than the female. and the shape of wing is also different. 
  2. the stitch line: between the two leather tapes, you can see the men’s gucci ace sneakers have two stitch lines while the women’s gucci ace sneakers only have one stitch line. 
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