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How to Find Replica Buscemi Shoes at Cheap Wholesale Price on Taobao and AliExpress

What’s Buscemi Shoes ?

Founded and created by Jon Buscemi, the luxury brand Buscemi entered the high-end footwear and leather goods market as recent as 2013 but has since marked its solid place among other European long-time players.

Buscemi boasts to handcraft most of their creation while making them with leathers and adornments of the highest quality. Among the most sought after items within the Buscemi’s collection are no doubt the signature Buscemi 100MM sneakers. Now i will share my experience on how to find a high quality replica buscemi shoes on taobao and how to spot a cheap replicas.

The starting price for a pair of Buscemi 100MM sneakers is USD 900. The price may goes up for more unique design with valuable components like fur and embroidery.… Read More