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BalenciagaBalenciaga Sneakers

Balenciaga Sneakers – How to Spot a Fake and Buying Guide


The many faces of Balenciaga sneakers have stolen many hearts – from A-list celebrities, to fashion bloggers and to football moms who live down the block. The styles, comfort and practicality offered by these beautiful sneakers are simply unrivalled. Not surprisingly, both Balenciaga men’s sneakers, as well as the women’s Balenciaga sneakers, are spotted everywhere in Hollywood. Hailey Baldwin was seen with a pair of Balenciaga black sneakers (they were the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers), while Kendall Jenner was spotted with a pair of white Balenciaga sneakers (Race Runners). On the other hand, Usher was seen showing off a pair of eye-catching red Balenciaga sneakers (which were the Balenciaga Arena sneakers).

Besides the above styles, I must also mention about the Speed Trainers, which is the earliest celebrated design from the collection of Balenciaga sneakers.… Read More