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Spotting replica Air Jordan shoes: Real vs Fake review

Across the globe, you can easily buy fake shoes. Recently, a smuggling ring was busted bringing in fake Air Jordans into New Jersey and New York. Five of the smugglers are now looking up to 20 years in prison for the offense of trafficking fake sneakers from Nike associated with the legend of basketball, Michael Jordan.

Now that you know you can easily buy a fake Nike Air shoe, it is time you understand how to tell a real from a fake. With me, I have a pair of Air Jordan shoes. One is a fake and the other is a real Air Jordan 1. I will go over the details pointing out the differences of telling the fake from the real shoe. Let’s get the ball rolling.

  • The price

If you are out to get a real Nike sneaker, be prepared to pay a price that matches an authentic Nike shoe. If you are getting a too good to believe price for an Air Jordan then this is the pointer it is a fake. Take a look and see if the packaging is off and the price is suspicious. Truthfully, you are staring at a fake and you better run with your money.

Always rely on legit Nike shoes suppliers. If you are in for high quality replicas, Primestuff would be a good place to search.

  • The Jordan Wings Logo

On the fake Air Jordan 1 wing logo is shallowly embossed. On other side, the real Nike sneaker wing logo is deeply embossed into the skin of the shoe. Besides, the real shoe has not stitching guide surrounding the logo while the fake one has.

  • Heel strap stitches

There is a grey heel tab with double stitching on the cross over section. The stitching thread is also black thus in contrast to the grey tab. The fake Air Jordan 1 tab is black and has no double stitching at the cross over area. The stitching thread is black and does not contrast the tab.

  • The Nike Logo on the Outsole

On the fake, the logo and its artwork are poorly done. The letters are very narrow and the bottom of letter ‘K’ does not touch the swoosh. If you look closely, there are shiny patches between the treads on the fake air Jordan 1. The real Jordan Air has the logo and its artwork done to perfection. The letters are thick and there is no shiny area within the treads.

  • Tongue Logo Details

There is a woven label on the top side of the tongue on both shoes. However, the fake one does not have the circled ‘R’ trademark. The real sneaker has two ‘R’ trademarks. Inside the label, there is description in both English and French. The fake shoe label stitching is crooked and the letter fonts and styling is off.

With this helpful information, you should find it easy to identify a replica Air Jordan  and any other fake shoes for that matter. If you ever want to get cheap Jordans replicas that are the same quality as the real pair, Primestuff is the place to go. Search through the Replica shoes catalogue and make a wholesale purchase today.

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