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Spotting fake replica Nike Air Max 90: How to never be scammed

Spotting fake replica Nike

Spotting fake replica Nike Air Max 90: How to never be scammed

Spotting fake replica Nike
When talking about fashion and high-end brands, the talk is never complete without mentioning Nike. Being one of the biggest fashion trendsetters, Nike is a global brand and a darling to people from all corners of the globe.

This explains why it is not so hard to come by fake Nike Sneaker I mean, with such popularity, it is always easy to take advantage of the diehard fans of Nike shoes.

Fortunately for you, I got your back as I always bring you spot-on information on how to tell the fakes from the real deals. Today, I will be talking about one of the biggest shoe hits from Nike.

I’m talking about none other than Nike Air Max 90. From the series of Nike Air Max, this 90 sneaker is true perfection and reflection of what the brand stands for.

So, how do you tell a fake Nike Air Max sneaker from the authentic pair? That is coming to you in a few.

  • Bottom of the shoe
Spotting fake replica Nike

For the real Air Max 90, the outer sole is pure rubber and it’s flexible. The fake one use painted PU foam. Besides, the really Nike is a little heavier than the fake. Finally, the authentic Air max sneaker has the NIKE logo printed while the fake doesn’t.

  • Tongue Logo Details

On the real, the Nike and Swoosh label are meticulously sewn onto the tongue on all the four corners. For the fake, the label is folded inwards and sewn from the inside.

When you closely look at the swoosh, it almost touches the ‘N’ and makes contact with the ‘E’ on the real shoe. The fake swoosh does not make any contact with any letter. Again, there is double ‘AIR’ on the fake shoe.

  • Details of the Heel logo

The stitching is perfect on the real air max 90 and does not interfere with any of the letters on the logo. The fake stitching is poorly done and cuts into the letters. Below the ‘AIR’ on the real quality, there is a section with ribs. There is no such section on the fake.

Spotting fake replica Nike
  • The ‘AIR MAX LOGO’

The AIR MAX and its background are in the same color on the real piece. On the fake, the ‘AIR MAX’ and its background are in two different colors. The authentic logo has a stiff feel since it is plastic. The fake Nike shoe logo is soft since it is made from PVC.

Spotting fake replica Nike
  • The footbed

The footbed for the authentic Nike shoe has a 3D appearance. It is textured with EVA compression and has a logo imprint. On the flip side, the fake footbed is a cheap flat surface with no details.

With that, you can never go wrong when buying Nike Air Max 90 sneakers. The differences are like day and night.

But before we come to the end, I would like to remind you of high-quality replica Nike Air Max 90 sneakers and where you can get it.

The place is Prime stuff. As opposed to the fake, Primestuff Air Max is a true reflection of the real shoe. Besides, the prices are pocket-friendly and you will get value for your every dime.

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