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How To Spot Fake Replica VS Authentic NIKE X OFF WHITE Air Jordan 1

Spot Fake Replica

Spot Fake Replica VS Authentic NIKE X OFF WHITE Air Jordan

Today we privde you how to spot fake replica, let’s look at how we can differentiate a pair of original NIKE X OFF WHITE Air Jordan 1 from a pair of replica. No surprise here – the secret is to look at different details on the shoes themselves.

Spot Fake Replica

Point 1: Nike Swoosh. Blue stitching on the shoe’s Nike swoosh should be neat and regular. In comparison, the stitching on a fake is usually done more sloppily. Similarly, cutting of grey fabric on the shoe side is uneven and untidy.

Spot Fake Replica

Point 2: Wording print. On an original, the edge of the wording has minimal smearing effect as design; whereas on a fake, the printed wording is neat without such smearing effect.

Point 3: Heel’s shape. Shape of the shoe’s heel should look like the picture above (right) – with the right height and shape. If your Air Jordan 1’s heel has a much taller height or different shape, you should immediately question its authenticity.

Point 4: Pores on shoe toe. The little pores on the toe should be small, arranged in a regular manner, and with neat finish. On a fake, you will note that the pores are comparatively larger, as if they were created through poking with a needle. The pores would also have hairy finish due to sloppy craftsmanship.

Point 5: Air Jordan logo. On an original, the pressed logo should be matte and have a clear, deep impression. The stitching around the logo should be regular with considerable distance from the logo itself. On the other hand, the same logo on a fake is usually reflective with rather shallow impression. You will also note that the stitching around the logo is highly uneven and abnormally closed to the Air Jordan logo.

Point 6: Side flap material and printed “85”.

The red side flap of the shoe should be made from an elastic material; however, the same flap on a fake is usually made from a softer material. The printed number of “85” on the flap should also be matte. On a fake, this number has a shiny finish. You may also note that the pinholes on the flap have some hairy bulges.

We hope that the above authentication guide of NIKE X OFF WHITE Air Jordan 1 is of any help to you!

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Spot Fake Replica

From the front, there is no noticeable difference between these two pairs of shoes.

Spot Fake Replica

Comparing the outer side, you can see that the Air Jordan logo and the stitching on the Nike swoosh are very similar to the original.

Spot Fake Replica

Next, comparing the inner sides, leather and sheen of the shoes are highly comparable too.

Spot Fake Replica

As for the heel, its height is consistent when compared to the original model.

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Spot Fake Replica

We hope that you find this post useful in your search of the market’s best quality replica!

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