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Sacai x NK LVD Waffle Daybreak: Real vs High quality replica review

Sacai x NK LVD Waffle Daybreak Real vs High quality replica review

Nike sneakers are one of the most coveted shoes in the fashion world. Sacai x NK LVD Waffle Daybreak are beautifully made sneakers. Its bright color combination shows how bold and daring one can with fashion. Every fashion conscious person would love to own a pair of these sneakers.

 Being perfectly made sneakers from the high end brand of Nike, they are obviously pricey. Not everyone who dreams of having these shoes can afford them. They are therefore left for the few people who can comfortably afford them; without stretching beyond their limits. Of course, no one wants fake Nike sneakers on their shoe rack.

I, however, have good news for you.  You can own these Nike Daybreak sneakers while still on a budget.  Purchasing high quality replica Nike daybreak sneakers is the way out for you. The Nike daybreak replicas are 100% similar to the original pair.  You just have to ensure you purchase high quality replica, and about where I will tell you later.

With these high quality replicas, you are sure to look as fashionable as someone who has spent a fortune on the shoes.  If you cannot afford the original pair, go for the high quality sneaker replica. It is your best way to look expensive when in real sense you are wearing reasonably priced Nike sneakers replicas.  Check out the comparison below.  I have shown how the high quality replicas are as good as the original pair.

Real vs High Quality Replica Review

  • Exterior side of the Tongue

The exterior side of the tongue has two Nike tags.  The first Nike tag has an orange Nike swoosh.  The first tag has black inscriptions of ‘MADE IN CHINA’ and ‘SPORTSWEAR’ inscribed on it in black.  The second tag has a black Nike swoosh on it.  There is some contact between the ‘NIKE’ inscription and the swoosh. The tags are white in color.

 If you compare the color of the tags on the replica Nike and the real pair, there are no noticeable differences. The sizes of the inscriptions, the color, the font of the inscription and the quality of the two tags are 100%. In all fairness, the replica shoe has done a great job.

  • Stitching near the eye holes

Near the eyelets, there are two sets of stitches. On the yellow surface, you will notice there are yellow stitches. On the green surface, you will notice green stitches.  The stitches are evenly and neatly done.  They are firmly and well done. The color, dimensions and stitching style on the real shoe has no difference with the stitches on the replica shoe.

  • The white ream above the heel

The shoe has a white ream above the heel. The ream slightly protrudes round the shoes, save for the front of the shoes. The dimensions, color, detail and material of the ream is similar on the ream on the real pair and the cheap replica. If you put the real and the replicated pair to compare the ream, you will not notice any tangible differences.

  • The Heel Tab, Counter and Stitching

This is generally the view you get when you observe the shoe from the rear end.  ‘NIKE Sacai’ is stylishly written on top of the heel tab. The yellow writings are on a black surface. If you compare the design of the writing on the real pair and the replica shoe, you will notice no differences. They have been written to be 100% similar.

Below the heel tab, there are yellow stitches that join the counter to the heel tab. The stitches are evenly and firmly done on both the real and the replicas. The two lines of stitches form a semi-circular shape.   Check out the rear view of the real and the replica sneaker below.

  • Mid Sole

The mid-sole of these shoes are glowing white. They are what later extend to the white ream that slightly protrudes around the shoes.  The color, dimensions, texture and the faint detail on the mid sole of the real pair is similar to those of the cheap Nike sneaker.  

  • The Double Nike Swoosh

There are two Nike swooshes on the sides of the shoes.  One swoosh is black, while the other is orange in color. The swooshes overlap each other.  The black swoosh comes below the orange swoosh. You cannot expect such detailing from a fake Nike.

 You will notice that there are evenly done stitches that firmly attach the Nike swooshes to the body of the shoes.  The color of the swooshes, their dimensions, overlapping design, the stitches, and how they disappear into the rear surface of the shoes is 100% similar in the real pairs and in the Primestuff replica. Check out the orientation of the two swooshes below.


With these similarities, I am convinced that you now trust how perfectly made the high quality replicas are. The features of the high quality replicas are 100% similar to the real pair. This means that you can rock Nike Daybreak replica and still look as good as someone who spent huge sums of money on the real ones.

 The real Sacai x Nike Waffle don’t sell as fast as the cheap Nike sneakers. The real pairs are ridiculously priced.  Many people won’t break their bank accounts to acquire the real pairs of Sacai x Nike Waffle sneakers. With the 100% high quality replica, store and online store owners are sure to sell quickly because the shoes are cheaper, yet 100% similar to the real pairs.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with lots of poorly made replicas. No one wants to wear shoes that will be labeled fake sneakers just from a single glance. Don’t worry; I have a solution for you. Primestuff is a reliable and online store that deals in wholesale Sacai x Nike Waffle.

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