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Retro and versatile summer exclusive! The new low-top BAPE STA™ will be available soon!

BAPE® As a Japanese meta-trend brand, it has been regarded as the street fashion The unique style of BAPE is highly sought after by trendsetters.

As summer approaches, the BAPE STA™ family also welcomes a new member, BAPE® MAD STA.

Get ready for the next generation of fashionable and stylish fashion.

The color scheme is shown in the most simple and versatile black and white, with a low-top, lightweight look that can easily be adapted to a variety of summer wear scenarios.

The workmanship and texture remains the same as that of BAPE STA

The upper is made of fine lychee grain leather with the iconic five-pointed star on the side of the shoe.

It is reported that the new BAPE™ MAD STA series shoes will be officially released on May 28th, with a release price of ¥1799. The BAPE STA® series is known to sell out every time it hits the shelves, so don’t miss out if you like it!

Release Date: May 28th
Release Price: ®1799 RMB

Sale Shop
Beijing: Galeries Lafayette
Guangzhou: TaiKoo Hui
Chengdu: Taiyang Taikoo Li
Qingdao: China Resources Vientiane
Shenyang: China Resources Vientiane
BAPE®Small official store
BAPE®Tmall official flagship store

BAPEBAPE®Tmall Official Flagship Store
Link: 8828LXu
09¥3UuW2PEMzji¥ ®BAPE官方旗舰店

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