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Replica Vs Real: Rolex Submariner Watches Spot

Now these replica watches getting better and better, When Far East, in China in particular they have been producing replica watches for a very long time and practice makes perfect. They are even producing the machinery that the Swiss used to make these watches, so the final tolerances are getting better and better. They even go so far as to replica rolex submariner for example, so because of these improvements the differences between the real watches and the replica watches are getting harder and harder to tell and we’re going to show you some of the very, very fine differences between the two Rolex Submariner 116610LN. .

Unfortunately, the differences between the two very subtle, so we’re going to have to show you in extreme detail how to spot the difference between the real and the rolex submariner replica.

First of all we’ll start with the case.

There’s actually no perceptible difference, even with magnification between the size and the shape of the case the finishes are identical polished and brushed.

The Lugs:

The only real way to tell the difference of the real and replica rolex watches is by the lugs on the top and the bottom.

The crown :

again, your very hard push to tell any difference you have to look right down into the groove to see that the machining on the rolex submariner replica is slightly coarser than on the genuine.

The bezel :

The bezel again, is very difficult to between the two, with the bezel pip on the rolex replica watches being slightly whiter, the loom being slightly dimmer.

On the genuine watch the numbers in the bezel are applied in platinum via a PVD process. Whereas on the replica rolex watches, the numbers are painted, and under high magnification you can see that the paint is shiny and uneven, whereas the PVD on the genuine is completely flat.

It’s the same story for the crystal, they’re very similar with only a very close look revealing that the edges of the genuine crystal are slightly more beveled than the replica even has a laser etched crowned at 6 o’clock they’re both very small and viewing at high magnification shows, that the
replica is slightly more coarse the reflectivity of the crystals is very similar that doesn’t seem to be any perceptible difference between the glare on the two.

But one of the larger differences is the magnifying window which is coarser on the rolex submariner replica and has a bluer anti-reflective, coating which doesn’t do as good a job at cutting out the glare. The report that’s the inner edge of the case around the outside of the dial is more angled on the fake and the engraving isn’t as well, defined on the dial itself, the markers are ever so slightly more rounded.

On the edge :

On the edge on the genuine watch the font spacing is different between the two

with the M in 300meters being spaced out further on the genuine, although the print quality is almost identical between the two, the thickness on the rolex replica swiss is thinner than the genuine, and so the paint itself appears slightly greyer than the genuine, between the two the loom is worse on the replica watches but only marginally.

If you have a closer look at the hands, you will see that the edges on the rolex replica are coarser than on the genuine, with the loom being worse on the replica .

Now the date wheel that’s the biggest tail between these two watches, and the thing that’s given it away, the numbers are not centered on the replica, and the print isn’t as good quality, being magnified with the magnifying window is easier to see the differences.

But even so the differences are still very slight if we turn, the watches over, even the case backs, have the same engraving on the inside, when we take a look inside the watches.

It becomes clearer which is the swiss replica watches, the genuine Rolex, of course, has a genuine Rolex 3135, whereas the replica rolex Etta two eight two four, it’s actually a fairly good copy of a 2824 but is nothing like the 3135.

The bracelets:

The bracelets tell a similar story with the minks the clasp, being very close to each other, really the biggest tail are the tolerances on the screws which don’t sit as flush on the replica and the text engraved on the clasps isn’t as neat on the faith.

The Weight:

To show just how close these two watches are we’ll put the line of scale, as a genuine one as 80g, and the replias, 76g,4g difference between the two. Therefore, replias are getting harder and harder to tell, and the differences are only going to get smaller.

The following is the comparison For Normal quality replica watches from V Factory and the Rolex submariner new, the replica watches for these quality level will be around 100usd.

For the best replica watches from N factory, the weight is right 80g same to the original. and the insight of movement is making perfect but the price will be from 400usd-600usd.

We will keep updating the details pictures from N factory to show you the comparison of Best quality replica watches and the Real Rolex submariner watches.

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