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Replica Gucci Watches Wholesale Buying Guide 2018

If you are looking to lift your personal style with a touch of Italian charm and sophistication, just like that little elegant spark we see in Monica Bellucci, a Gucci watch may be what you are looking for.

Finely made and crafted by the biggest Italian fashion house, Gucci watches are the symbols of luxury and finesse for both men and women. Available in numerous styles, designs and materials, each timepiece is beautifully designed to steal the spotlight.

(Image from Gucci’s official website)

Within Gucci’s watches collection is the classic G-Timeless series. These Swiss-made watches feature a contemporary round dial with different bracelets selection ranging from leather, stainless steel and PVD. Besides material, said bracelets also ranges in different colours to suit each and everyone’s personal colour preference with a large assortment from classic black leather to today’s popular yellow gold PVD.

(Image from Gucci’s official website)

If you are not a fan of round dials, Gucci also has a number of square and rectangular-faced watches in their timepieces collection. A personal favourite of mine is no other but the Gucci’s G-Frame.

Small and dainty, with refined details on the dials’ indexes and bracelets, these watches are suitable for events in both morning and evening. With bracelet selection from casual nylon strap to polished lizard leather strap, women from all ages of life can definitely find a Gucci’s G-Frame that harmonizes with her taste and personality.

(All images from Gucci’s official website)

A must, honourable mention is of course the Gucci’s latest watches from the Le Marché des Merveilles collection. Among the beautiful watches from this collection is the recognisable Honey Bee Watch that features an intricate, gold-embroidered bee on a round dial bearing the brand’s iconic green and red Web pattern.

Free to be mixed and matched with different straps made from brown leather, as well as green and red Web nylon strap, the stunning Gucci’s Honey Bee Watch can be combined with different styling to bring out one’s classy but quirky edge.

(All images from Gucci’s official website)

Every piece of Gucci’s watches is indeed a marvellous work of art. Born from the creative studio of Gucci fashion house, each timepiece does cost a pretty penny from price USD 800 – USD1,000, according to the brand’s official website.But for replica gucci, the price will be much lower. and for now , there are some supplier can offer perfect quality replica gucci shoes.

Most watches can be bought online from the Gucci’s website, as well as its brick and mortar stores located in many places globally.

In recent years, Gucci has been very strict with their anti-piracy control to protect their trademark and designs. However, it is still possible to find cheap Gucci watches online if you know how to search for them. And here we are going to give you some little tips on how to find one online from the four websites of Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

The first thing that we are going to share with you is the relevant keywords that you will need to search for cheap, high-quality Gucci watches from each of these platforms:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff

G家手表 (*trans: G-brand watches);

G家腕表 (*trans: G-brand wrist watches)

Bee watch

Search under Brand Gucci

*Note: We have included the English translation for some keywords in parentheses, for your reference.

As you may have noticed, we did not include any keyword for AliExpress. Through several rounds of keywords trying and searching, we concluded that AliExpress does not appear to carry very good selection of cheap Gucci watches replicas. As such, we would recommend you to not waste any time on this website in your search of cheap Gucci watches online.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

We would also like to mention this: on DHgate, it is also not an easy feat to find cheap Gucci watch knockoffs either. However, the aforementioned Honey Bee Watch seems to be widely available on the platform (probably due to its popularity). As already indicated in the table above, you can simply search with keyword “Bee watch” to find them.

(Screen cap from DHgate)

The average price range of wholesale Gucci watches listed on Taobao and DHgate is around USD 30 – 150. Compared to an original with an outrageous price tag of over a thousand dollar, these cheap replicas found online are a total bargain!

However, we do want to remind you that there is a very real risk of buying these Gucci watch replicas from Taobao and DHgate – the watches’ quality. While each replica’s quality varies depending on individual items and sellers, here are a list of general indicators that you can use to help you in choosing a replica with good quality: (1) high rating; (2) high number of past orders made; (3) positive reviews left by previous customers.

(Images from GQ’s official website)

If you still feel unsettled about the quality of the listed cheap Replica Gucci watches on Taobao and DHgate, here is your last resort to buy cheap, high-quality Gucci watches Replica Wholesale price online: Prime Stuff!

Prime Stuff ( is an online fashion wholesale platform that provides luxury fashion brands and their products at affordable prices.

As Prime Stuff guarantees to sell only high-quality 1:1 replicas of an original, you can certainly shop with a peace of mind that the Gucci watch you are buying will be made of great quality besides looking like an authentic!

Also, Prime Stuff is currently having giant sales with up to 70% discount across all of its merchandise on its website! Don’t miss out the opportunity of landing some steals from them!

(All images from Gucci’s official website)

Do you love Gucci’s watches as much we love them? We certainly hope that you do and if so, have a good time shopping for one (or more)!

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