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Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale Buying Guide

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale Buying Guide

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale

Gucci, in recent years, has been gaining momentum in releasing impactful high-end sneakers to compete in the luxury sportswear market. Born and created from the creative studio of Alessandro Michele, these Italian-made shoes are marking historical moments and slaying hearts of many with their beautiful luxurious designs.

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale(All images from Gucci’s official website)

Within Gucci sneakers collection is a medley of styles for sneakerheads to choose from. The most classic ones are of course Gucci’s iconic Web sneakers. Featuring a low-top silhouette with the brand’s signature green and red Web detail along the sides, these shoes have been favorites of many since its first introduction decades ago.

Recently, Gucci has been improvising the Web sneakers by incorporating glitter fabric and stud details to further boost the urban feel of the shoes.

Besides the iconic Web sneakers, another Gucci sneakers that have been widely popular are the Leather High-Top Sneakers. Crafted with lavishly textured leather and embellished with embroidered appliqués of amazing details, these Gucci’s High-Tops are bound to turn heads and capture attention with their uniqueness.

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale(All images from Pinterest)

Since we are talking about Gucci sneakers, the brand’s Ace sneakers are of course a must-mention! Designed to suit both men and women, the Ace sneakers are made from soft white leather featuring the house’s signature Web pattern on the side.And you will see many replica gucci shoes online .

Inspired by the same sneakers from the 70s, the Ace is reinvented with Michele’s genius and marvelous creativity through the addition of theme-fitting details, such as embroidered floral appliqué, leather stars, and even glass pearl studs.

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale

These spotlight-stealing statement sneakers are simply to die for. Spotted on many celebrities, it is proven that even Hollywood stars could not resist them. Taylor Swift, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Elle Fanning were all seen rocking these gorgeous Gucci’s sneakers matched with their very own individual styles.

The same sneakers were also spotted on UFC Champion, Conor McGregor, as well as actor Kevin Hart. It is really no exaggeration to say that Gucci’s Ace Sneakers have stolen the hearts of all men and women for their versatility and bold, playful edge.

(All images from Pinterest)

Each pair of high-end Gucci sneakers is priced at average USD 650, according to the fashion house’s official website. Most designs are available to be purchased online from the brand’s website, as well as many offline stores located worldwide.

However, some rare designs may have rather scarce supply online or certain sizes may run out of stock most of the time. If you are facing one of these problems and are looking to buy a cheaper knockoff version of Gucci sneakers to pacify your urgent need of owning a pair of these beautiful kicks, you are at the right place!

If you are unable to purchase a pair of authentic Gucci sneakers (for whatever reasons), we are here to show you how to search for cheap, high-quality Gucci sneakers replica wholesale online, from the four websites of Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

To look for said sneakers on these websites,

You will need the following keywords:

 TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff

G家鞋 (*trans: G-brand shoes);

G家休闲鞋 (*trans: G-brand casual shoes);

G家运动鞋 (*trans: G-brand sport shoes);

G家小白鞋 (*trans: G-brand white shoes)

GG sneakers;

G brand sneakers

Search under Brand Gucci

*Note: We have included the English translation for some keywords in parentheses, for your reference.

We have not included any keyword for AliExpress simply because the website does not seem to carry a lot of selection of Gucci sneakers replica  (and their replicas), very possibly due to strict anti-piracy control on the website. As such, we would strongly advise you to skip AliExpress altogether in your hunt of cheap Gucci sneakers online.

(Screen cap from Taobao) 

(Screen cap from DHgate)

In contrast, you can easily find a good plethora of cheap, wholesale Gucci sneakers replicas on both Taobao and DHgate, where many listed items are priced at around USD 40. At such affordable price tag, these cheap imitations are a total bargain. Not to mention too, the variety and designs available are also immense – sneakershead will definitely have a good time browsing all these kicks!

However, we must be aware that these cheap replicas are a mere imitation of an original Gucci sneaker pair. Their quality and actual resemblance could be very questionable. Therefore, we would like to advise you to consider properly before adding and paying for anything in your shopping cart.

Nevertheless, there are still a number of pointers to help you in judging if a pair of Gucci sneakers replicas listed on Taobao and DHate are made of decent quality or not. There are two general indicators, which are the item’s (1) rating and (2) number of past orders made.

If an item has a high rating and a high number of past orders, in addition to a good number of positive reviews left by previous customers, said item should have a good chance being a decent product with acceptable quality for its price.

Replica Gucci Sneakers Wholesale(All images from Pinterest)

If you still couldn’t find any Gucci sneakers that you like from Taobao and DHgate.

Here’s your last resort:Prime Stuff!

Prime Stuff ( is an online fashion wholesale website that sells luxury brands and their products at affordable price tags. Contrasting Taobao and DHgate, the website claims to sell only high-grade 1:1 replicas of the original!

With this guarantee from Prime Stuff, cheap. Wholesale Gucci sneakers listed on the website would certainly be made of high quality with great resemblance to an original! Now you can finally shop on a bed of roses without worrying about the item’s quality.

(Quick note: Prime Stuff is also currently holding storewide sales across all of its merchandise! Don’t miss out!)

(All images from Pinterest)

Gucci sneakers are indeed exquisite creations that everyone wants a pair (or two!) in their wardrobe. We wish you the best of luck in searching and landing that special pair of yours!

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