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Replica & Fake Gucci Belts Wholesale Buying Guide

As the biggest-selling Italian brand, Gucci is a big name within the luxury fashion and leather goods industry. Constantly topping charts and receiving awards as one of “Top Global 100 Brands”, every creation from the Italian fashion house is made to make a hit.

And today, in this blog post, we will be introducing one of Gucci’s star fashion accessories – the Gucci’s belts!

Gucci makes fashionable belts for both men and women, which most are crafted with high-quality leather adorned with exquisitely designed buckles of tiger head, snake, feline, star and even dragon. While these flashy designs are created to turn heads as statement pieces, within Gucci’s belts collection is the Double G Buckle Leather Belt.

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Adorned with Gucci’s signature double G buckle, these 1.5-inch wide beautiful belts are made from premium leather calfskin available in a variety of colours and texture (imagine from black smooth leather belt to a bright red snake-skin embossed leather belt). Besides that, the buckle itself is available in antique brass and different hues of palladium. Also, for those who prefer a thinner belt, a slimmer version of 0.5-inch wide Double G Buckle Leather Belt is also available.

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Depending on your own liking, the Gucci’s Double G Buckle Leather Belt can be mixed and matched to pair with different outfits, for all seasons around the year and for all events you are invited to. It would look equally stunning on a pair of dark denim jeans in the summer, as well as on a classy grey jacket in the fall.

This belt is a relatively new addition for the brand, which was introduced back in the year 2016. Since then, it has been working into the wardrobes of many celebrities.

The Double G belt has been spotted pinching the waist of Victoria’s Secret’s model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for multiple times. The belt has proven to the supermodel’s accessories of choice to add an extra oomph to her simple denim street style in the summer and fall.

The same belt has also been seen on many other Hollywood stars and celebrities, including Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Anniston, who had all paired it with a pair of simple denim jeans where the addition of Gucci’s Double G belt subtly emphasized their beautiful waistline.

Each of these classic Double G buckle belts is priced at USD 390, according to Gucci’s official website. For a premium, high-end leather belt crafted by one of the world’s top luxury fashion house, this price tag is not at all shockingly outlandish.

Still and all, this amount of money could equate to a New Yorker’s monthly water and electricity bills. If you are not ready to fork out that much of money for a simple leather belt but would still love to own a Double G-looking belt, you are in luck because there are plenty of online sources where you can buy a cheap knockoff! including the best quality replica gucci ace sneakers.

And this blog post is going to show you exactly where and how you can get that!

Let’s cut the nonsense and jump right into it! There are four websites where you can easily find cheap, high-quality Gucci’s belt online; and they are: Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff. The keywords that you will need on these websites to look for the belts are as summarized in the table below:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff


GG belt

G buckle belt;

GG belt;

G brand belt

Search under Brand Gucci

On Taobao, you will have to search with Chinese keyword “G家皮带” (which translates into G-brand belt). On AliExpress and DHgate, you can simply search with English keywords “GG belt” and their relevant variations. Finally, on Prime Stuff, you can easily find Gucci belts by searching the brand under the website’s Brand tab.

Please note that while Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate are all online wholesalers that sell replicas, the item’s price and quality can differ to a certain degree. So, we did an extra bit of homework on this and included our findings in the table below:

Price (USD)20 – 4040 – 8060 - 80
QualityDepends on individual items and sellers

On Taobao, the listed Gucci belts replicas are priced within the range of USD 20 – 40, which is comparatively lower than those on AliExpress and DHgate. Taobao also has one of the best assortments of Gucci’s belts out there where not only you can find the popular Double G Buckle Belt, you can also find many other rare belts from the fashion house.

 (Screen cap from Taobao)

On the other hand, on AliExpress, most of the listed Gucci belts replicas found on the websites are priced within USD 40 – 80. Not only are the belts on AliExpress more expensive, the assortment available on the website is horrendous. In addition, most of the belts have limited resemblance to an authentic Gucci’s. Having said that, do take what I just said with a pinch of salt! You might have better luck than I did and be able to find a rare gem on AliExpress!

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Next, on DHgate, the wholesale Gucci belts found on the website mostly fall within the price range of USD 60 – 80. Their prices are, on average, the highest among all three websites. The selection of cheap Gucci belts replicas on the website is also pretty decent where you can find both the Double G buckle belts as well as those in other designs.

(Screen cap from DHgate)

To be able to determine if a Gucci belt replica listed on Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate is of high quality or not, you can look at the item’s ratings, number of past orders made, as well as reviews/pictures left by past customers. If an item has high ratings and high number of past orders, in combination with positive reviews left by previous customers, there is a good chance that it is a product worthy of its price.

If you are still in doubt, you can resort to buying a cheap but high-quality Gucci’s belt replica from Prime Stuff, which is an online fashion wholesale platform that dedicates to sell only high-grade 1:1 replicas on their websites. While the prices on Prime Stuff are slightly higher than the other general wholesaler websites, you know that you are paying for a belt that is not going to snap in half in two weeks! (Quick Tip: Prime Stuff is currently having storewide sales on their website!)

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Gucci’s belts are indeed beautiful, especially their Double G Buckle Leather Belt – simple yet elegant, without any unnecessary frills that distract you from the belt’s graceful design. I am already swayed while writing this post.

We hope that you find this blog post helpful on where and how to find cheap, high-quality Gucci’s belts online! See you again in our next entry!

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