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Replica & Fake Christian Louboutin Wallet Wholesale Buying Guide 2018

When we speak of the name of Christian Louboutin, the first image that pops up in mind is of course the designer’s iconic sky-high heels marked by its signature magical red soles. Today, we are going to take the secondary highway and introduce the B-side of Louboutin’s portfolio. The star of today’s blog post is… Christian Louboutin’s wallet!

Although often markets itself as a luxury footwear company, Louboutin also actually designs and merchandizes a number of small leather goods. Among these leather goods include cardholder, mini wallet, billfold wallet and coin purse, which many incorporate the brand’s emblematic spikes.

Among the wallets merchandized by Louboutin, the most recognized of them all is its “Panettone” wallet, which is at the same time the brand’s best-selling leather item. And it’s not hard to see why this is the case.

On the outside, Louboutin’s Panettone wallet features a zip around body with the brand’s signature spikes arranged in linear pattern. And when you open the zip, then will it reveal its hidden red interior as a reminiscence of Louboutin’s famous heels that bear the same shade of red on their soles.

(All images from Christian Louboutin’s official website)

The interior of a Panettone wallet is well designed to serve as a complete and special home for your notes and cards. Functional components of the wallet include the following: twelve credit card pockets, four flat pockets, two bill pockets, and a zipped coin pocket. It is indeed an aesthetically beautiful wallet that serves practical purpose as a wallet to keep all your essentials organized.

Among celebrities, Gwen Stefani is one of the many fans of Christian Louboutin’s wallets. On multiple occasions, the American singer has been seen holding a black Panettone wallet while attending different events and activities around town.

Made from calfskin but available in many different leather textures, graphic designs and embellishments of spikes and beads, each of these high-end, beautiful Panettone wallets is priced around USD 650 – 700, according to the brand’s official website.

While this price tag may not be exaggeratedly expensive for some people, not everyone can readily afford a Christian Louboutin wallet, especially for those who have heavy financial commitment in life.

We understand this concern and are therefore here to offer our help and advice for you on how and where to find cheap, high-quality Louboutin’s wallets online! The four websites that we are going to talk about today are: Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff.

The very first step in finding cheap, wholesale Louboutin’s wallets online is knowing what keywords to use on different websites. We have compiled the relevant keywords for each platform in the table below:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff


spike wallet

spike wallet

Christian Louboutin wallet

On Taobao, you will have to search with Chinese keyword “CL钱包” (which translates into CL wallet). On AliExpress and DHgate, you can search with the same English keyword “spike wallet”. Finally, on Prime Stuff, searching is the easiest with keyword “Christian Louboutin wallet” or you can search for the brand under the website’s Brand tab. As the website carries many other Louboutin items, you can specify your search for wallet with the filter tab by choosing “Wallet” under the dropdown list.

(Screen cap from Taobao)


 (Screen cap from AliExpress)

 (Screen cap from DHgate)


 (Screencap from Prime Stuff)


Now that we have the necessary keyword to look for cheap Christian Louboutin wallet replicas on Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff, let’s take a look at the price, quality and assortment of the listed wallets from each website:

TaobaoAliExpressDHgatePrime Stuff
Price (USD)30 – 6010 – 4050 - 70199
QualityDepends on individual items and sellersHigh (as 1:1 high grade replicas)
Assortment / variety availabilityHighLowMediumHigh
Design resemblance to authentic Louboutin’sMedium – HighLowHighVery High

As summarized in the table above, prices of Christian Louboutin wallets replicas listed on Taobao, AliExpress, and DHgate are comparable to one another with price tags below USD 100 across all three platforms. As these are general online wholesale platforms where each item is offered by the different seller, the quality of the listed wallets essentially depends on individual items and sellers.

A good rule of thumb to use to determine if a listed item is of good quality or not is by judging through the item’s ratings, as well as the number of past order made by past customers. If a wallet has high rating and high number of past orders, it is likely that the wallet has trusted quality for its price. It also would not hurt to read through reviews written by other customers to look at pictures and their comments!

On the other hand, Christian Louboutin’s wallets Replica on Prime Stuff are priced at USD 199. This price is definitely higher than those listed on other websites but do note that Prime Stuff guarantees to carry only high-quality 1:1 replicas on their website. As such, if you are willing to fork out an extra 100 bucks, you know that you will be getting a Panettone wallet which spikes are not gonna fall off after a week!

We would also like to mention the variety and design resemblance of thereplicas listed on Taobao, AliExpress, DHgate and Prime Stuff. AliExpress places last on these aspects as (at the time of our searching on the website) there are only four listed items where only one of them actually resembles an authentic Louboutin’s. Taobao and AliExpress place second offering acceptable range of assortment, as well as design similarity.

Finally, Prime Stuff places first as the website offers decent selection of Louboutin’s wallets that are highly similar to an original Louboutin’s in terms of design and quality. (Also, as an additional note, Prime Stuff is currently having storewide sales on many of their merchandise! Don’t miss out!)

(All images from Prime Stuff)

We would like to thank you for reading this post till the end and we certainly hope that it is of any help to you in your search of cheap, high-quality Christian Louboutin’s wallets replica online! If you are already a Louboutin’s fan, a wallet from the French fashion house would be a great addition to your existing collection! Until next time, xoxo.

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