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Rene Caovilla Women Sandals

Rene Caovilla Women Sandals

There is something about the great pair of Rene Caovilla women’s sandals that is so timeless and chic. They are simple, yet so elegant. They have been made to ensure your feet are comfortable and look great.  Every woman should add these beauties to their shoe closet. They are a stylish way to make your relaxed style fancier and unique. They will definitely take your shoe game a notch higher.

Being luxurious, perfect and comfortable, they are obviously pricey. You don’t get to acquire shoes from high-end brands without parting with huge sums of money. You will obviously have to pay dearly. But I am not here to scare you from buying these Rene Caovilla women’s sandals. I am here to give you cheaper options to help you acquire them affordably.

The secret of cheaply acquiring these sandals is opting for high quality replicas. High quality replicas are 100% similar to the real shoes, but are cheaper. The cheap sandal replicas I am about to describe below are perfect. You sure won’t spot a defect on them. If you cannot afford the real shoes, the high quality replicas could be the solution you have been looking for.

If this sounds unbelievable, read on. I have compared the real pair to the replicated pair below. Check how they are identical.

Original vs High Quality Replica Comparison

  • General appearance

The general appearance of the real and the replicated pair are 100% identical. The color combination, the decorations, front view, stitches and the foot surface on both pairs are 100% similar. You sure will notice the perfection on the replica sandals from the first glance. No defects at all. The body and construction of the replicated pair is similar to that of the real pair. Check out the image comparison of the real and replicated pair below.

  • The stepping surface

The surfaces you step on these sandals are grayish. The mild intensity of the gray color on the real pair is similar to that on the replicated pair.  The sides of the stepping surface are lined with golden and silver decorations. The glittery decorations are perfectly arranged in three lines. The middle line is composed of golden glitters, while the other two outer lines are composed of silver glitters. The arrangement and alignment of these decorations on the real pair is perfectly matched on the sandal replica. Check out the stepping surface of the real and replica Rene Women’s sandals below.

  • The Rene Caovilla tag

A golden Rene Caovilla tag has been attached on the upper heel of these sandals. The color, position and design of the oval-shaped tag are perfect on the replica. It has been made perfectly; you won’t be able to differentiate it from the real sandals.  Check out the tag on the real and replicated pair below.

  • The straps

These sandals are double strapped. The two straps are intertwining. One of the strap is grayish, while the other is covered in golden and silver glitters. The straps start around the big toe, and end just around the ankles. The intertwining design of the straps is 100% identical to what we have on the high quality cheap replica. The gray strap is kept in place with small visible stitches. The stitches are visible on both the real and replicated pair. Check out the design and color of the straps on the real and replicated sandals below.

  • The sole and heel

The sole of these sandals is double layered. It is composed of two soles, joined together to form a study bottom. This makes the sole sturdier and stronger. The double-sole make is applicable on both the real and the replica sandals for women. The sandals have a small heel. The heel is seen to have three ridges, on both the real and the replicated pair. The sole and the heel of the real and replicated sandals are undistinguishable, as shown on the comparison image below.

I am sure you are convinced that you can confidently rock the high quality replicas, and still look as chic as someone wearing the real sandals. The 100% similarity I have described above is a sure way to help you be stylish but on a budget. There is no need of blowing up your savings to purchase shoes, when you have a way out. The high quality cheap replicas are as good as the real sandals.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with poor quality replicas. I am pretty sure you have come across some absurd looking replicas. Unless you are careful, you are most likely going to land these poor quality replicas. This is why I recommend Primestuff. Primestuff is an online store that deals in high quality replicas of wholesale women sandals.

Stick to Primestuff and be assured of high quality replicas. If you own a fashion store, Primestuff is an ideal way of obtaining a faster moving stock. The goods from Primestuff are as good as the original goods. The only difference is that they are cheaper. It is your best way of making bigger profit margins, and running a thriving business, while still satisfying your clients’ needs.

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