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Recently the stars “signature shoes” pile up exposure! These pairs of all know is the “old shoe head”!

The NBA has recently reached the Divisional Round stage, and I wonder if your favorite team has made it this far. here?

Among the four remaining teams, the biggest surprise to me was the Dallas

The sneakers he wore under his feet also gained the attention of countless shoe fans, and the Air Jordan Luka 1 appeared in his first game back from injury.

The upper is made with Flightwire technology and the midsole is equipped with a full palm. Formula 23 performance foam, which makes its debut as a new cushioning technology!

The white and blue colorway of the Air Jordan Luka 1 in is the new colorway that he took on in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, inspired by the Real Madrid basketball team he used to play for.

Many NBA players have fantastic first generation signature sneakers, and today I’m going to introduce you to 5 players’ first generation sneakers.


Kevin Garnett

Nike Air Garnett

·Wolf King“Garnett’s first signature shoe was born in 1998, when Nike released a very simple and rustic design for the young man who had just joined the league, making Garnett the 10th player to receive a signature basketball shoe from Nike.

The upper is made of a leather-based material with a water wave-like graphic outlined in a chevron line on the upper, which is one of the few features on this shoe.

The ”21 embroidery on the tongue of the shoe representing Garnett’s back number. mytag /> The embroidery is also the only thing about the man himself, but for a young player just entering the league who already has a pair of his signature sneakers, what more could one ask for?



Carter signed a mega 10-year, $50 million endorsement deal with PUMA after entering the NBA, switching to his first signature shoe, the Puma Cell V.I., at the start of his second season.

The look of the shoe is classic enough, with the oversized track logo spanning the entire shoe from the outsole

Regretfully, Carter soon jumped out of his partnership with Puma, and the expected 10-year contract lasted only 16 months before Carter was able to get his hands on a pair of white and red AND1 Taichi at the 2000 All-Star Dunk Contest.” alt=””/>

His amazing dunk also made the AND 1 model an instant hit and became a cult favorite among shoe fans.


Tim   Duncan

Nike Air Max Duncan

In 2000, Nike released the first personal signature sneaker for  Stone Buddha · Duncan, the Nike Air Max Duncan, with a design inspired by Duncan’s status as a former swimmer, and with the addition of dolphin design elements.

The upper is reinforced with a large mesh rubber material and features the at the time

The upper is reinforced with a large area of mesh rubber and features a hidden lacing system that was a hit at the time, giving it an integrated feel.

To match the height and weight of a player like Duncan, the midsole is equipped with windowed Air Max air cushions that split the front and back of the shoe.


BRANDBLACK J Crossover 1

In 2014 Crawford announced the signing of the BRANDBLACK brand and the release of his first personal signature boot, the BRANDBLACK J Crossover 1, that same year.

BRANDBLACK is the Los Angeles-based athletic company owned by David Raysee and Billy Dill is the designer of Grant   Hill’s signature shoe and is also the design director for the adidas Skyfoot line.

The shoe’s name goes without saying, taken from Crawford’s ethereal style of play and versatile skills.

The cushioning technology is BrandBlack’s own Jetlon, with an armor-like toe and JC logo on the outside of the forefoot to highlight the identity of the signature shoe.



John Wall

< strong>Reebok ZigTech Slash

As a 2010 first-round draft pick, John  Wall has arguably been in the spotlight since he entered the league.

It just so happened that Reebok was also wrapping up its signature line of Iverson shoes and was eager to find the next influential spokesperson to raise the brand’s profile, so the partnership began.

In the first year of the deal, Reebok released a personalized shoe for Wall. The Reebok Zig Slash, which uses Reebok’s top ZIPTECH cushioning technology, is also affectionately known as the ·Pork Sausage· by fans at home.

With the fall of Reebok until it was acquired by adidas, Wall also began a collaboration with adidas.

There are already a number of up-and-coming superstars in the NBA league today like Trae< mytag />Young, Zion “Williams, and Luka ”Doncic have gotten their own signature sneakers.

▼ Trey· Young adidas Trae Young 1


▼ Zion  Williamson Air Jordan Zion 1

Statesmen under the brand The likes of Jimmy · Butler and Andrew   Wiggins will also both be releasing signature sneakers this year.

I hope the signature shoe market will blossom in the future like it did in the first decade of the 21st century, bringing us more and more great shoes!
These are the top five players’ initial shoe signature shoes that I’ve compiled for you,

I wonder which one you like the most and whether you’ve ever gotten your hands on it?

May as well tell us in the comments section!

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