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Real vs Fake: Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Review and Buying Guide

Mens belts are very crucial part of their outfits. Even for women too, belts complete the fashion statement. In fact, belts say a lot about you than you might think. It does not matter that it is a cheap belt, a high quality replica, or the real one; you need some good piece around your waist.

Given the importance of belts, counterfeits are always looking to cash in dimes they do not deserve. I belief you already know about Louis Vuitton belts. If not, I will tell you they are great pieces that deserve space in your collection of accessories. It is in their greatness that coincidentally you find their weakness. Fake artists use LV belts popularity to make low quality pieces that easily trick those who are less familiar with the brand. It should not surprise that you have a fake Louis Vuitton belts. They are everywhere across the globe despite the aggressive war on fashion counterfeits. Well, I know that sends a shudder of fear down your spine.

However, you no longer have to be worried about the right quality of LV belt. Not if you go through my well-researched review and buyer’s guide on how to tell a Louis Vuitton belt fake vs real one. After reading through this post, it will become like second nature picking the correct belts for the value of your money. Without holding you further, let’s get into it.

  • LV Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton knows it is in for rough time in beating fake artists. It explains why the brand goes to such lengths and efforts to work on the buckle making sure it is not easy for anyone to counterfeit. If you take a quick look at the pics I will provide shortly, you can see how it is almost impossible to copy the real belt buckle. But what really sets the real from the replica louis vuitton belts buckle?

The buckle’s color on the real belt is a crystal blend of silver and snow white. It is not shiny, but you can see it is a top quality metal. The fake buckle does not have uniform color. There is a shade of white, silver, and a shiny glow. It tells you that the quality of the metal used is of low quality thus not worth your money. On the real and replica Louis Vuitton belt, the buckle tends to be slightly closer to the edge of the belt’s end. On the fake, it is a little farther from the edge.

When you touch the authentic belt, you can feel its smoothness. You can also see that the buckle is slimmer as opposed to the fake piece, which is wider and has a rough feel. Now let’s see some pics and put everything I just said here into a perspective.

  • Stitching and Texture

When you run your fingers on the stitched edge of a high quality Louis Vuitton belt, you can hardly feel any bumps. Even the stitching shows a level of professionalism that is learned over time. The stitching on the fake belt is irregular, exposed, and not smooth. You actually do not need to be an expert in telling fakes to see the differences in stitching, and feel the texture.

  • The Belt Inside and Identifiers

The quality of the leather, texture, and stitching is also a factor you can use to tell a real from a fake. The authentic leather is smooth and feels soft on your fingers. On the fake, the material is slightly rough and does not feel even when you run your fingers on them. Some fakes will have a stamp at the middle of the belt. This is a red flag clearly pointing to a fake. At the end of the belt, that is where the stamping has to be. It has details for place of origin as well as size. On the real piece, the stamp details are embossed and have a distinct regular font type and size. On the fake belt, it looks like a print with typical computer fonts.

  • Dust bag and Packaging

You do not need to go into the box to tell if yours is fake Louis Vuitton belt. It all starts with the packaging. I intentionally saved this for last. The real dust bag has rich color and the ‘LOUIS VUTTON’ is placed at the center with clear and regular font and size. The fake box is browner than the real one. Another thing is the ribbon securing the top of the box. The real one is pure cotton, smooth, and its blue tone is not shouting. Finally, there is the Louis Vuitton card. The real card is smaller and with richer color. The fake looks faded and has ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ close to the bottom edge of the card. All these details in packaging are the same for men and women Louis Vuitton belts.

Do you have any more questions on Louis Vuitton belt real vs fake comparison? Do not forget to ask in the comment section. I’m here to give you answers to all fashion questions you may have. My satisfaction is helping you make an informed decision and get the value of your money.

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