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Real vs Fake Goyard Handbags and high quality replica Goyard bags reviews

How sure are you it is not a fake Goyard bag hanging from the side of your shoulder? It is not an easy question to answer. Some will argue that they bought it from a reputable online store. Others will say that they paid top price for the bag. Does any of those excuses justify that yours is a real Goyard Bag? Not really. To tell a real from a replica Goyard handbag, it has to go beyond what meets the eye. It means you need to engage all your senses to tell a real from a fake.

Not everyone has the time to compare something they are buying. Sometimes you make a rushed decision convinced it is the right one only to be the opposite. Goyard, being a true luxury brand for those who want to add a sense of importance to their style, has done a lot to beat counterfeits. But as we all know, it is almost impossible to beat con artists.

To help you pick the right quality Goyard bag, I did some digging to find out the differences between a real and fake Goyard handbag. My search was not disappointing and here is what I can share with you.

  • The Dust bag

A quick glance on both dust bags will show two different shades of yellow. The fake is hazy yellow while the real one is deep yellow. Touching them will also indicate the fake bag as light and slippery. The real quality dust bag is thick and not slippery.

  • Dot Patterns

Goyard is very keen to keep their aesthetics on the bags. One of their exceptional inclusions is the dot patterns. They are one of the standard ways you can use to tell a real from a fake Goyard bag. About the dots, the real bag has varying number of dots. There is an alternation between 14 and 16. On the fake Goyard handbag, the dots are always 16.

  • Fabric Color

Well, they do say that seeing is believing. When you look closely at the two bags, the fake one is faded gray. The real and replica Goyard bag have a rich brown tone. Even for a first time buyer, you can see the real quality is more appealing to the eye than the fake.

  • The Stitching

On the real Goyard, the stitches are neatly done. At the bottom, there is double stitching probably to firmly hold the parts. On the fake, the stitches are not finely done. At the bottom, there is no double stitching as it is the norm for Goyard. It should not be a problem anymore to pick a real or Goyard bag replica.

  • Goyard Seal

The seal serves to make it easy to identify real Goyard from a knock off. On the real bag, the seal is embossed and the letters are machine-generated. On the fake piece, the embossing is not properly done. The letters look much like they were printed.

  • The Hardware

The bag has a dovetail closing mechanism. There is a rivet-like closure, which is dome shaped on the real bag. On the fake one, the rivet closure is flat on the top. These are some of the tiny details that can make it easy to spot a fake Goyard bag.

Go out to shop with confidence knowing that you can easily spot a fake Goyard bag. You no longer have to be at the mercy of traders. Now you know what is worth your money. If you are in for Goyard bag replica, visit Primestuff for fair deals. You can buy on wholesale and enjoy competitive pricing. Remember to keep it here as there is more coming your way about fashion and what is hot in the markets.

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