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Real vs Fake Givenchy shirt with Monkey

Do you know what they say at Givenchy? When it is about fashion, crossing boundaries is not enuogh; smashing across them is the real deal. Givenchy, a French house of fashion, is living upto such expectations of smashing together all genres of style and trends. From humble beginning to a giant in the fashion industry, Givenchy is now a global fashion powerhouse sitting at the helm of every genre. Lest you forget, it is Givenchy that made Meghan Markle her couture wedding dress; and we all know how royalty she looked. In a nutshell, Givenchy is now a household name- crossing borders even into the most selective social circles.

It comes as no wonder that fake merchants would want to bask in the same glory as Givenchy. Therefore, it is now common to get Givenchy replicas merchandise all over the world. One of the easy targets is the Givenchy monkey trade T-shirit. Trendy and a crafty design, this t-shirt was and is still a buzz for all agegroups hence the more reason to fake Givenchy Shirts and cash in before the hype dies down.

It for this reason we decide to give you a heads up on the differences between fake and real Givenchy monkey trade t-shirt. Therefore, do yourself some good by going through this article before you splash your hard-earned dimes only to buy a fake Givenchy shirt.


Well, is there need to compare the two? The fake one is packaged in a cheap low quality transparent paper. You can tell this is a fake t-shirt from some company trying to make a quick buck from the ignorant folks. The high quality replica Givenchy shirt comes in a sealed box. You also get a ‘thank you’ note from the store where you buy it from.

The monkey image

Well, you can only spot the tiny details if you have a keen eye. Thankfully, we are here to be your second pair of eyes. On the edges of the monkey’s mane, there are some traces of yellow. That is real replica Givenchy shirt with monkey. The fake one on the left tries to achieve the same yellow shade around the edge of the monkey’s mane, but it terribly fails. The yellow is badly faded and is almost white.


The fake tag is oozing ink on its edges. The font is thick and not done with precision. The real tag is done with some finesse and very articulate font. When you flip onto the inside, the fake Givenchy shirt tag has no barcode. The high quality replica has a barcode as well as some details about the t-shirt.

Product code

The products code starts with 16F and 17S respectively. If you search both on Google, you should get the exact match of the t-shirt as described on the tag. A quick search of the codes will show you that the t-shirt on the left is a fake.

Where to shop for top quality Givenchy shirt with Monkey

Now that you know what to look for in real Givenchy monkey t-shirt, it is time to know where you should shop. Primestuff is always the top spot for luxury brands in their original quality. To get the right quality replica Givenchy shirt with monkey, this is the site where you should look. The stock is always up to date and the prices are pocket-friendly. Beat the knock offs by shopping at the best place.

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