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Real Replica Rolexes Styles In 2019

Since its inception in 1900, Rolex watches have grown to be the most popular and most luxurious watch brand in the whole world.

If anything, Rolex watches have been growing even more popular over the past few years. Their high price range however ($5,000 – $50,000), puts most people off when it comes to attaining a new and original Rolex watch. That is why replica Rolex watches became popular this year.

 A Rolex watch replica, is a watch designed to look as close to the original watch as possible. In 2019, fake Rolex watchmakers have become so good that even experts are having a hard time telling these watches apart from the real thing with some of the watches having the same look and feel, markings and serials, and functionalities of the Swiss crafted watches. Knock offs are different from Rolex replicas. Knock off watches bear their own logo different from the original manufacturer’s, with only the design being similar while replicas – counterfeits – have the same logo and design as the original and genuine watch.

10 best replica Rolexes trends in 2019

  • Replica Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary 16610LV
  • Rolex Daytona Black Ion Plated Tachymeter Black Stainless Steel Strap Black Dial Pant59211
  • Rolex GMT Master ii Pant57733
  • Rolex Yacht Master ii Pant 57777
  • Replica Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold 116613BKSO
  • Rolex Submariner Black Dial 18kt Yellow Gold Bracelet Replica Watch 116618
  • Replica Rolex Submariner Blue Index Dial White Gold 116619BLSO
  • Rolex Oystre Perpetual Dtejust 36
  • Rolex GMT – Master ii “Batman”
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

7 top sites to buy a replica Rolex watch in 2019

Replica Rolex watches are becoming even more popular due to their affordability and close resemblance to the genuine Rolex watch unless examined properly. There are, therefore, a lot of merchants that sell them. The merchants, though, might sell you an even lower quality of a fake Rolex watch to make more profit and for this you have to be vigilant when making purchases for these watches. Buying Rolex watches, especially online, carries a lot of risks and we therefore recommend these sellers and websites for when you are doing your replica Rolex shopping online.

  1. BestWatch

This has one of the biggest replica Rolex watch customer base in the world. They have high quality fake Rolex watches at unbelievably low prices. They offer worldwide deliveries and have all types of wristwatches that fulfill your ultimate desire.

  • ReplicaMagic

This is a Chinese based fake Rolex watch merchant for both wholesale and retail. They are quality manufacturers who have a large customer base stretching from Europe, USA, UK and Asia. The site allows customers to review each of their products in their site live and in real time and this can help you choose the best watch according to customer reviews. They offer free shipping worldwide and have great discounts on bulk and cash purchases. They sell watches for both men and women.

  • Berwatches

Berwatches sells replica Rolex watches exclusively for women. They have an amazing catalogue of watches to fulfill your desires and charge fairly cheap around-the-world shipping fees. They also let you buy for someone else and deliver the wristwatch as a gift in a genuineRolex box, papers and serial numbers.

  • Rolexstyle

This is a UK based site that offers worldwide shipping of great quality fake Rolex watches. Their watches go as far as adopting the genuine Rolex jubilee strap design and second hand movements to ensure you get the best quality watch. They offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

  • Chinabrands

In as much as chinabrands is a fashion website, they also stock watches and are cheap at that. We recommend this site because they give you more for less.   They have great after sales and customer support services available for 24 hours a day. With over 20 marketplaces, they offer wholesalers a great opportunity to buy great watches at cheaper rates with great discounts at just one click.

  • RolexFakeWatches

This site, offers you a chance to fix your replica Rolex watch price. How, you ask? They offer a commitment to lowest price guarantee such that if you are able to find a site that offers a model same as the one in their site at a lower price than they do, they will match the price. How cool is that, right? They also offer you a 14-day money back guarantee such that if you are not satisfied with what was delivered, they take it back.

  • Perfect Watches

This site has real replica Rolex starting at as low as $3. They give you the best quality at the lowest price, and their fake Rolexes are complete with Rolex movement which is pretty hard to achieve. These high quality watches at low prices are worth every bit of coin you can invest in them not only for your own wrist but for your customers as well.

Just as a genuine watch, fake Rolex watches have different prices depending on how good the skill was used to make the watch and how close it resembles the features of a genuine Rolex.


Replica Rolex watches are becoming stylish by the day. For personal use, there isn’t much problems that can amount from purchasing or owning one; for business use however, it is a business risk you are taking, not only legally, but also in business ethics as well. While genuine watchmakers are aware of fake watches around the globe, as a businessman, you can get sued for the retail sale and advertisement of replica watches which not only mimic the design of the real thing but use an unauthorized product logo as well.

For business sustainability, we recommend that you try buying and selling genuine Rolexes as much as possible. You can however look at your countries’ permits and licenses in regards to replica Rolex watches to ensure any legal action will not be taken against you.

We hope that through this article, you will be able to make wise Rolex purchases in the future.

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