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Prada x adidas is now open for registration! Another series that you can’t afford to buy at the original price!

In recent years, luxury brands have gradually entered the sneaker scene, with the Dior x Air Jordan 1 already in the Nike camp and the LV x Air Force 1 coming this year.

adidas Originals is starting 2019 with a joint collection with PRADA, bringing the classic shellhead Superstar and LUNA ROSSA 21. src=”” alt=””/>

Last year A$AP Rocky took the lead in a pair of PRADA x adidas Originals Forum, a preview of this year’s new collaboration collection between the two companies.

After a long wait, the domestic CONFIRMED APP was finally launched yesterday. The new PRADA x adidas Originals collection registration lottery page was officially opened and the official price was released at the same time.

The solid color upper with adidas Originals Forum The retro look of the adidas Originals Forum continues PRADA’s minimalist design without losing its premium feel and is effortless to wear.

The biggest highlight is of course the storage bag that comes with the shoes, the exquisite metal zipper and the tag show a sense of sophistication, the understated luxury style, the wearable effect is very advanced.

The high and low tops are available in black and white colorways, with the low top version priced at ¥7,250 and the high top version priced at ¥9,500, pricing is still based on PRADA standards The price is still the same as the PRADA standard, another series that you can’t afford at the original price.  

In addition to this co-branded collection, which also includes coats, jackets, pants, fisherman’s hats, handbags and many other clothing accessories, it will have to wait until the next wave to

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