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Prada Nylon: How to tell the real from replica prada handbags

In 1984, Prada pulled a move that no one ever imagined could work in the fashion industry. Thanks to their lucky star, Prada’s ingenuity became a pillar that holds up to date. We are talking about a backpack, lightweight, durable and could resist the tear and wear of daily use. Surprisingly, this bag was not made from leather or any other invaluable natural material. It was all nylon. Yes, you heard that right. The ripstop nylon was a first in luxury items, but did not disappoint. In fact, copying it were Vetements and Cèline who devised a nylon backpack of their own.

Initially, Prada sourced its raw plastic from the military. They have created bags for most of their product lines. The nylon is almost symbolic of an authentic quality from the Italian fashion giant. Thanks to the success of the nylon backpack, counterfeits joined in to fool ignorant customers. You can easily buy a replica Prada nylon bag in a store or online. But as the gatekeeper for making sure you get the value for your money, today I choose to tell you about the real Prada nylon bags. After this read, it will be impossible to fall for a fake Prada nylon bag.

  • Bag materials

On the real or high quality replica Prada handbags, the nylon should be a little heavy. This is a deviation from the original material, which was lightweight and thin. The current material is more twill and thicker. When you touch, it should not feel slippery or crunchy. Besides, it is also water-resistant and durable. In most cases, the material is unlined. However, in cases of a jacquard lining, you can easily feel it once you touch. Also, the repeated pattern will show a twisted rope and ‘PRADA’ running along the grains.

  • The nylon construction

The nylon bags will come in different styling. Commonly, there are vela and tessuto nylon bags. Both come in bound seams as well as unlined form. In cases of lining, it is 100% probability of being jacquard. If anything falls out of this description, it is most likely a fake Prada nylon bag.

There is a common question from customers. What is the main difference between vela and tessuto nylon? There is nothing much to set them apart except their prices. Generally, tessuto is more expensive with more features. It commonly comes with satchels and backpacks.

  • The hardware

The hardware on Prada items has evolved over the years. Original hardware had no branding and had powder coating. The next generation of zipper teeth came in the same colors as the bags’ fabric. The zipper pull was rectangular and dominantly featured plastic not leather. Today, you will see Riri, Lampo or IPI zippers on most real or Prada replica luxury bags. These ones have branding details as well as leather embellishments.

  • Prada Brand Identifiers

One of the most obvious ways to tell real Prada from fakes is the iconic enamel triangular logo. The old triangle logo will have three flat rivets on the three corners. Newer version will have dome rivets on all the three corners as well. The triangle enamel should be flat and smooth. On fake Prada, it will be sloppy. If you see a brad at the center of the triangle, you are looking at a fake. Besides, the color of the triangle should be the same as the one of the fabric. Notably, the font is very specific and neatly done. Pay attention to the R. It has a notch and the leg is upturned.

Well, for the lovers of Prada, you now have a way to tell the real from the fake. As always, I never leave you without something to smile about. For high quality Prada replica handbags or anything from their product lines, Primestuff is the place for you. The prices there are pocket-friendly and you get quality as good as the real ones. Do not forget to keep checking out this blog because I have so much coming your way.

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