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The successor to the popular Trainer? LV’s new “bread shoes” are revealed!

While the Pops are still the mainstay of the moment, they are inevitably aesthetically fatiguing after years of popularity, and recently the “Bread Shoes” have added a spark to the sneaker scene.

It is with the Curb “bread shoe” that Lanvin, the old fashion brand, has returned to the sneakerheads in the past few years, and even Travis Scott has put his foot on it.

▼ Travis Scott’s footwear

Like the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton also recently brought a new “bread shoe”.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather and mesh, the toe is covered with textured leather, the side of the shoe has a four-leaf clover pattern, the lace-up buckle is printed with a rounded Louis Vuitton font, and the outer midsole of the shoe continues the Louis Vuitton three logo pattern.… Read More

Waiting for half a year finally came! “Little Reeves” AJ4 will be on sale tomorrow!

In 2018, Levis teamed up with Jordan Brand to create the co-branded Air

With the rare denim texture and rare availability, the market price is getting more and more expensive nowadays, with the rarest pure white model already surpassing the ¥7,000 mark!

This price is out of reach for many casual gamers, but it is a great way to get the most out of a pair of pure white canvas Air Jordan. Previously, a pair of pure white canvas Air Jordan 4 was revealed to be simply the best flat replacement, and many players are very much looking forward to it.

However, this new pair of colorways kept skipping until now, six months later, it is finally confirmed that it will be officially released tomorrow!… Read More

Nike Air Presto’s newest colorway “Blue Rose” was first revealed

The Nike Air Presto is back with its Hello Kitty co-branded collection, and now it’s ready for summer with its latest colorway, the “Blue Rose” with floral motifs. The Nike Air Presto’s newest colorway, “Blue Rose,” features a blue neoprene upper with a round rubber badge in the same color to show off its identity, while retaining its original herringbone architecture. The Nike Swoosh logo and outsole are lined in black, highlighting the “Blue Rose” color scheme through a minimalist approach. The shoe is available for $130 MSRP and is expected to be released soon. /p … Read More

KITH for BIRKENSTOCK Kyoto New Shoe Release

The new KITH for BIRKENSTOCK Kyoto shoe was recently released. The upper is made of two-tone suede and leather, and features a single strap closure in blue and gray. The shoe will be released this Friday in KITH stores alongside KITH Summer, and on at 11am EST and at 11am CET, so don’t miss out.

< img src="" />

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RHUDE new shoes texture does not lose the joint name!

Maybe this brand is relatively new to you, but you’ve definitely seen the once-popular cashew flower and

The Los Angeles-based high street clothing brand, founded in 2015 by designer Rhuigi Villasenor, focuses on retro 90s style and is loved by many trendsetters for its unique and innovative design concept.

After RHUDE owner Rhuigi Villaseñor collaborated with ZARA to launch a collaborative collection, he recently brought two new colorways for his “Rhecess” series sneakers, high and low top.

The whole pair is made of leather, and the wear marks exude a unique

The entire pair is made of leather, and the wear marks exude a distinctive aesthetic.

The heel of the shoe is embellished with RHUDE branding and the edges retain a raw edge finish for a washed, distressed look.… Read More

A tribute to the classic shape of “Answer”! The new Reebok Answer IV official pictures revealed!

During the 2001 Finals, Iverson wore a Philadelphia Eagles backup jersey in the player tunnel. The jersey is also like his superb performance in the Finals that year, making countless fans nostalgic.

Recently, a pair of Reebok tributes to Iverson’s Eagles jersey have been released. Answer IV “ The Tunnel” has been released in official images.

The whole shoe is made of full leather material, this time with the excellent texture of lychee

The color scheme uses the lake green of the Philadelphia Eagles jersey, from the toe to the heel.

The 3M reflective material that extends from the arch to the upper of the shoe adds a layered look while enhancing the look.

The 3M reflective material that extends from the arch to the upper adds a layered look while also enhancing the upper’s support performance.… Read More

Earth color system is really versatile! Leonard’s signature shoes co-branded with a really good texture!

The Chicago-based streetwear brand Joe Freshgoods, from the eponymous designer Joe Freshgoods, has maintained its popularity in the sneaker scene since its inception.

The Chicago-based streetwear brand Joe Freshgoods is the brainchild of eponymous designer Joe Freshgoods, and has remained popular in the sneaker scene since its inception.

This year, Joe Freshgoods and New Balance have teamed up to release the 2002R and 9060, both of which have been well received.

Recently, the two companies collaborated for the third time on the New Balance The Kawhi 2 “Conversations Amongst Us” has been released with official images.

The entire shoe continues the collaboration’s consistent style, using a low saturation earth tone color scheme.

The material is the same technology used in the Kawhi 2 model, with the addition of heat pressed material for reinforcement.… Read More

17 new products focus on exposure! The “sneaker feast” that I’ve been craving all year is finally here! Early feet to show you!

Every summer, new sneakers that are fresh on your feet and versatile in value undoubtedly become the protagonist of the street! For this reason, major brands have also launched “summer limited” themes to meet the players’ immediate needs!

The latest Anta basketball continues last year’s popular #TrulyNightMarket theme, with 17 new models in one fell swoop!

▼ The debut of Anta Basketball #TrueSenseNightMarket last year

This time, not only the number of shoes is greater, but the color scheme is also more abundant and clever! Covering a wide range of themes including “Ice Drink” series, “Regional Cuisine” series, and “Candy” series!

What’s the value of these summer limited colorways?

▼ This year’s #TrulyNightMarket shoe lineup was revealed first



“Sales King” upgrades return
Summer limited is too good to be true

First up Bringing you this Anta Basketball #TrueSenseNightMarket# Splash 4 “Ice Drink” series!… Read More

Drake is wearing the “Lightning” Patriot bird punching suit!

Following Drake and Travis Scott’s back-to-back appearances, the Patriot Arc< mytag />teryx is already making its mark on the trend scene.

Drake wore a special Arc’teryx jersey at a music festival in Montreal, Canada, last weekend, and it caught everyone’s attention.

The jacket is from Arc’teryx’s The jacket is from Arc’teryx’s popular Beta collection, but the one on Drake has a custom lightning bolt pattern that works with the festival stage lighting for a pretty cool visual effect.

It is said that this rash jacket is a custom model, and I don’t know if a similar design will be officially released later.

Pic via: festivalmetrometro/div
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Preview of LOUIS VUITTON 2023 Spring Skate Shoes

The LOUIS VUITTON Trainer is undoubtedly one of the most successful Sneaker releases from the luxury brand, but the quest doesn’t stop there, as LOUIS VUITTON will also be bringing a new skate shoe collection in Spring 2023. The new collection is a throwback to the Chunky Skate Shoes of the 90s, with leather and mesh uppers, fat silhouettes and thick laces that are very eye-catching, and is expected to come in a wide range of colors, just like the Trainer. The newest addition to the lineup is the DIOR skateboard shoe, which will probably be even stronger next year.

< img src="" />

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New Balance 990v2 Made In USA’s newest colorway “Sea Salt” officially debuts

New Balance’s new MADE in USA collection, led by new creative director Teddy Santis, features the 990v1, 990v2, and 990v3 models while retaining the same look. br /

New Balance’s new MADE in USA collection, led by new creative director Teddy Santis, features the 990v1, 990v2, and 990v3 models in a single package, a classic reinvention that retains the original flavor and successfully captures the brand’s culture. The newest colorway in the collection, “Sea Salt,” is now available.

Just like the 990v3 colorway “Sea Salt” that we introduced earlier, the shoe’s silhouette is bright and neutral, with a smooth white leather base, a mesh breathable system, grey overlays, a small “N” logo, USA lettering, heel and outsole, and finally a yellowish cream color on the tongue, sole and midsole.… Read More

Vintage texture is a masterpiece! The new Teddy Santis NB 990v2 is here!

Last year Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy

Last year, Aim Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis joined New Balance as the creative director of US-made New Balance, leaving many players excited about the new work.

After waiting for more than a year, the New Balance 990 series, designed by Teddy Santis himself, is finally here, and there are actually 16 pairs!

One of the pairs, the 990v2, was recently revealed in official photos.

The upper of the new 990v2 is made of white mesh fabric, white glossy leather and grey suede.

The new 990v2 upper is made of white mesh fabric, white glossy leather and grey suede, and is still New Balance’s usual retro, textured line.

The tongue and midsole are finished in a distressed cream color with the 990v2’s classic ABZORB midsole.… Read More

The value of not losing “GIGI”! The new AJ13 “French blue” physical first exposure!

The Air Jordan 13, the boot that achieved the Flyers’ second Triple Crown greatness, and the

The Air Jordan 13 is the first release from Jordan Brand since the brand became independent, and has a very high status in the hearts of shoe fans.

This summer, Jordan Brand is bringing a new original colorway of this classic, the “French Blue”.

Only renderings have previously been revealed, but recently physical images have surfaced on the web for the first time, so let’s take a look!

The new “French Blue” color scheme is similar to the classic “GIGI” color scheme.

* Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode to enable a quick charge from non On/Off Charge USB ports.… Read More

ECCO Summer Sandals Collection Newly Launched

Sense the green foliage of life, to bring you and I closer to summer; interpret the sustainable energy of the future, to unlock the green bag of cool travel. The new ECCO summer sandal collection invites you to embrace the greenery, to live with nature and to witness the beauty of summer with your feet. The summer collection includes women’s formal, casual and outdoor shoes, helping to make the city green and natural with stylish sandals.

The classic Scandinavian sandal, 2ND COZMO, unleashes your feet with a comfortable feel and stylish look, just like stepping into an oasis; the simple and chic ECCO ELEVATE SQUARED SANDAL delivers coolness in a refreshing shape and light color scheme, taking you through the heat on a hot summer day; and the summer breeze, with the With the summer breeze, get out of the air-conditioned room, set off for the mountains and water, step out on the rocky trail and explore the sea breeze.… Read More

Grand Seiko launches SBGH297, a limited edition of 260 pieces sold exclusively in Ginza

After the launch of the “White Glazed” SBGW279 earlier this month, Grand Seiko soon followed up with a new model from the Heritage Collection, the SBGH297. pAfter the launch of the “White Glazed” SBGW279 model earlier this month, Grand Seiko soon followed with a new addition to the Heritage Collection, the SBGH297, inspired by Seiko’s birthplace of Ginza, Tokyo, with a unique checkered pattern of intersecting streets and a sky-blue dial symbolizing the mood of Ginza. The dial is a symbol of the high mood of the afternoon in Ginza, and is powered by the 9S85 movement with a difference of 5 to -3 seconds.

The SBGH297 will be sold in a limited edition of 260 pieces for ¥770,000 at only 5 stores in Ginza.… Read More

Be the first to appreciate the latest Balenciaga x adidas joint shoe “Destroyed Stan Smith”!

As Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 show with adidas comes to a close, the pieces from the show continue to attract attention, with some of the designs available for pre-order and now revealed by @myfacewheno_o. The newest addition to the line is the “Destroyed Stan Smith”.

Not only is the “Paris Sneaker” revealed last time, but the “Destroyed Stan Smith” is also made in the same old style, using Demna Gvasalia’s recent signature destructive techniques, in addition to using washed black leather to give a dirty tone and create wear marks.

As of this writing, it appears that the Balenciaga x adidas joint shoe “Destroyed Stan Smith” has not yet been released, nor is there any information about it, so interested readers may want to check out the recent photos below or visit the website for more information.… Read More

Buzz Lightyear shouted at you to buy! Summer super hot Uniqlo new joint name the day after tomorrow on sale!

As the summer progresses, Uniqlo UT, a favorite among gamers for its exciting co-branded themes, has been on the move lately.

The newly popular comic book “Spy × Over the House” co-branded just revealed last week is not yet officially available for sale.

There’s another new co-branded UT set coming! This time with none other than the famous Pixar Studios!

This time, we chose Pixar’s Cars, Toy Story img src=”” alt=””/

Unlike the 3D style of animated movies, the graphics on UT are rendered in a hand-drawn style for a witty and interesting look.

For Pixar’s hardcore fans, it might be hard to choose! The good news is that with past UT pricing, you won’t have to stress even if you get the whole set.… Read More

HUF x Stüssy co-branding is too monumental!

HUF is a street fashion brand founded by American professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel in 2002.

HUF is a street fashion brand founded by American professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel in 2002, which quickly rose to popularity with its recognizable hemp leaf socks.

Recently, HUF has teamed up with fellow street brand Stüssy to launch a new line of apparel that pays tribute to the late legendary skater and founder of HUF, Keith Hufnagel.

Keith Hufnagel started skateboarding as a teenager, became a professional skater in 1993, opened the first HUF store in San Francisco, California in 2002, and sadly passed away from a brain tumor in 2020.

In honor of Keith Hufnagel, this collaboration includes New era® baseball cap and printed t-shirt with “Keith Forever” as a tribute to the founder of HUF.… Read More

Stüssy x HUF latest joint collection officially debuts

The founder of street skate brand HUF, Keith Hufnagel, passed away in 2020 after a two-year battle with brain cancer, and as an influential skateboarder and pioneer of streetwear culture, it’s sad to see him die so young. The collection includes a black patterned T-shirt and a New Era hat, the former incorporating Keith Hufnagel’s skateboarding look and using the words “Wait What? 20 Years of HUF” and “Keith Forever” around the image, while the black cap is adorned with the “NY” logo on the front, symbolizing his hometown of New York. The collection will be available in select HUF stores and Stüssy New York on May 27th, so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested. /p … Read More

YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA 2nd wave collection coming soon

YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA, a collaboration between Kanye West, GAP and Balenciaga, is about to receive its second wave of new collections after releasing its first collection earlier this year. After releasing its first collection earlier this year, it is about to embark on its second wave of new collections. Under the leadership of Kanye West and Demna, the first collection debuted by combining streetwear, YEEZY’s practical design and Balenciaga’s anti-utopian high fashion style. In addition, Kanye West was photographed with Hiroshi Fujiwara earlier this month wearing an all-black jacket with front pockets and the GAP logo, a piece that is consistent with the collection’s signature fit and is expected to be one of the pieces in the upcoming collection.… Read More

CHANEL plans to open a private boutique for VIP customers

CHANEL’s marketing strategy seems to be working well, with sales of fashion, jewelry, watches and bags up a whopping 50% in 2021 compared to the previous year, and with more people wanting to buy boutiques, excluding makeup counters, the 250 physical stores around the world are always packed with people, and there are concerns that this may have an impact on the lack of service. According to a new report in BOF, CHANEL seems to be planning to solve the problem of high store traffic by opening private boutiques to separate regular consumers from VIP high-spending customers; CFO Philippe Blondiaux revealed, “Our main concern is to protect our customers, especially our existing ones. We plan to invest in an intimate boutique that offers the best service in a way that the brand can afford.… Read More

Retro and versatile summer exclusive! The new low-top BAPE STA™ will be available soon!

BAPE® As a Japanese meta-trend brand, it has been regarded as the street fashion The unique style of BAPE is highly sought after by trendsetters.

As summer approaches, the BAPE STA™ family also welcomes a new member, BAPE® MAD STA.

Get ready for the next generation of fashionable and stylish fashion.

The color scheme is shown in the most simple and versatile black and white, with a low-top, lightweight look that can easily be adapted to a variety of summer wear scenarios.

The workmanship and texture remains the same as that of BAPE STA

The upper is made of fine lychee grain leather with the iconic five-pointed star on the side of the shoe.

It is reported that the new BAPE™ MAD STA series shoes will be officially released on May 28th, with a release price of ¥1799.… Read More

Billionaire Boys Club x Reebok Zig Kinetica II Mainland release details public

Reebok once again partners with Billionaire Boys Club to create the Zig Kinetica II “Digi-Camo” sneaker in a colorway inspired by field tactics and outdoor gear, featuring the BBC “Digi-Camo” classic retro camouflage pattern on the upper. The upper features the classic retro camouflage pattern of the BBC “Digi-Camo” combined with Zig Kinetica’s futuristic structural midsole technology for a powerful visual effect. In addition, the quick lace-up and nylon laces enhance the ease of donning and doffing, as well as the wrapping of the shoe; the heel and tongue are made of more wearable and practical nylon pull tabs, and the upper is made of nylon mesh lining and wearable mesh outer layer for breathability and wear resistance. The BBC pixel logo on the inside of the shoe adds some interest to the overall look, while the golden phrase that truly represents the BB C philosophy is hidden on the inside of the heel strap: “Abundance is in the heart, not in the pocket”.… Read More

¥6900 “Adi co-branded” the most quickly on the feet! The first one in the entertainment industry again!

For a long time, I wonder if you have noticed that Jay, once the “brother of brothers”, is Sneakers on the foot, the business frequency is getting lower and lower ……

It’s no exaggeration to say that it has been replaced by his good brother JJ Lin!

After showing his Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 just a few days ago, he showed his tough shoes again yesterday.

It’s the same GUCCI x Nike Air Force 1 that was officially announced this month to be released next month. The adidas Originals co-branded collection will be released next month.

This wave of operation is arguably the fastest footing in the entertainment industry.

Take the classic adidas Gazelle as the blueprint for your design.… Read More

Unique “ink style” love! AF1 new color scheme official picture exposure!

The Air Force 1, born in 1982, remains one of the most popular shoes in the sneaker world. The Air Force 1 is still one of the most popular shoes in the sneaker world, and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Nike is bringing a number of new colorways this year.

Recently, a new Nike Air Force 1 Low “Brushstroke Swoosh” has been released in official images.

The entire shoe is covered in white leather with a brushstroke style Swoosh logo.

These shoes are covered in white leather with a brushstroke style Swoosh logo for an eye-catching look.

The orange color of the tongue tag and heel embellishments is a visual clash with the Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe.… Read More

Remember the rainbow AJ1 two years ago? The same co-branded luminous effect super handsome!

Since last year, OFF-WHITE, Union’s heavyweight co-branded Air Jordan 2

But Jordan Brand doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping there, as it has been revealed that there are more Air Jordan 2’s coming soon, including popular ones like A Ma Maniére, Maison Chateau Rouge, J Balvin and more.

▼ A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2


▼ Maison Chateau Rouge x Air Jordan 2


▼ J Balvin x Air Jordan 2

Following the first physical image of the J Balvin x Air Jordan 2 revealed last week, a clear luminous effect live image surfaced online recently.

In line with the previously revealed images, the luminous effect of the winged logo at the top of the tongue is very apparent.… Read More

Gucci set up e-sports academy! Netizen: that student equipment must not be all ……

Gucci, the world’s most famous fashion luxury brand, has long been expanding its business to all walks of life. .

Recently, Gucci announced a partnership with eSports platform FACEIT to create a Gucci eSports Academy!

This is a step that expands Gucci’s reach into new areas, and it’s also a step that is clearly evident in the way that Gucci is catching on. It is clear that Gucci is catching up with the times.

According to current sources, the Gucci Gaming Academy now has four teachers, all of whom are professional CS:GO players.

Since Gucci runs the academy, the students’ uniforms, shoes, and even daily necessities.

If it were you, would you want to go to the Gucci Gaming Academy?… Read More

Are you impressed by the fierce man fan? The “Black Pink Toe” AJ1 is finally coming!

With the arrival of summer, more and more hipster gamers are choosing to take to the streets with low-top models, of which the AIr The Jordan 1 Low has become a good choice among countless shoe models with its classic and versatile look.

Recently, a new pair of Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Bleached Coral” has been released with official images.

The entire shoe is made of richer materials, with leather and suede materials stitched together.

The toe of the shoe is made of black cracked leather, and the toe and heel are made of pink short hair.

The midsection of the shoe is made of pure white leather, with the sides of the The Nike Swoosh and the solid black leather in the lace-up area are quite the same as the Black Toe.… Read More

“Elephant” AJ3 latest physical exposure! Release date finally confirmed!

The Air Jordan 3 has a remarkable place in the Air Jordan proper.

The burst pattern and windowed air cushion are both groundbreaking classic designs that brought Jordan back to the Nike fold and made the Air Jordan series endure.

Recently, the previously revealed Air Jordan 3 “Desert Elephant” has finally released its latest physical images!

The entire upper is made of thick leather, and the color scheme is quite classic black.

The entire upper is constructed of thick leather with a color scheme that is quite classic black.

Pure black body with beige color on the vamp and tongue part for more visual layering.

The biggest highlight is the use of desert brown elephant skin pattern for the pop-ups.

The insoles are printed with illustration prints that seem to create Jordan’s mysterious formula, < mytag />Elephant“ x ”Jumpman“= Jordan himself.… Read More

High specification patchwork upper! The new NOAH x Vans co-brand has just gone on sale!

Founded by former Supreme creative director Brendan Babenzian, NOAH has evolved over the years to become a popular streetwear brand among trendsetters and has gained a foothold in the trend scene with its constant co-branding.

NOAH was founded by Brendan Babenzian, the former creative director of Supreme, and has evolved over the years to become a favorite street brand for trendsetters and has gained a place in the trend scene with its constant co-branding.

Since 2018, NOAH and Vans Vault high-end branch have been maintaining a good relationship, bringing co-branded shoes every year.

Recently, the two companies have joined forces again to bring the new NOAH x Vans Vault Slip-On LX collection of shoes.

The two sides take the classic Slip-On shoe model as the blueprint, bringing

The upper is covered in a large area of suede with a side of canvas material.… Read More

This year’s “new gray and orange” Yeezy 350 V2 complete physical exposure! The release plan is available!

The extremely popular Grey Orange Yeezy 350 V2 has recently received new news, and the Grey Orange family is about to receive a new member.

The Yeezy 350 V2 is a new model that is coming soon.

After the first generation and last year’s restock of the Manchu, a new version that is very similar to the first generation has been revealed.

After a few physical images were revealed yesterday, today we finally have a complete multi-angle physical image with release information.

At first glance, there is little difference between the classic gray and orange color scheme, but The contrast reveals a darker overall tone.

The original dark and light grey color of the shoe is reversed to a dark grey based design with light stripes.… Read More

ASICS “National Fighter” new shoes will be released soon!

The ASICS “Nationwide Domination” series has successfully gone through Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.

The ASICS “National Domination” series has successfully passed Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing.

▼ Shanghai “Magnolia”, Hangzhou “Westlake People”


▼ Beijing “MAD”

The shoe’s three-way co-branded luxury status, as well as its ultra-high trending buzz, are making players cry out for more.

Now, with the Beijing stop coming to an end, the next stop of “Nationwide Domination” will aim at the river city of Wuhan.

Wuhan ASICS will work with local trendy brand ATTEMPT and local trendy collection store 101 Fashion Factory to create a Wuhan city co-branded shoe based on the GEL-SPOTLYTE OG, the boot of the legendary NBA star Isiah ·Thomas in the 90s. SPOTLYTE LOW —THE TRUTH—.… Read More

Preview of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Dark Beluga

The ‘Beluga’ is the first of its kind for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2, and it’s an irreplaceable one in the minds of fans. adidas Originals is not going to give up on redeveloping the classic, and the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Dark Beluga’ has been revealed online. The Boost 350 V2 “Dark Beluga”, as the name suggests, is a revamped version of the OG colorway, retaining the iconic orange lines and changing the upper to a darker brown colorway, with a darker midsole section. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Dark Beluga” is tentatively scheduled to be released this fall, so if you like it, you may want to get it then.
< br />

Read More

Richardson x David Sims latest joint T-Shirt collection officially debuts

Richardson, the adult magazine brand founded by Andrew Richardson, has collaborated with Japanese artist Ki Konyama on a new collection of T-shirts.

Richardson, the adult magazine brand founded by Andrew Richardson, has teamed up with Japanese artist Ki Airyama for a joint collection, and is now collaborating with renowned British photographer David Sims for his latest T-shirt collection.

This time around, the collection explores youth culture, using David Sims’ photography as a design element, and is available in black and white with a commemorative logo on the back. In addition to the T-Shirt, a large-size newspaper will be released with a 32-page review and a David Sims video series. The capsule collection is now available on Richardson’s website and in Richardson Tokyo stores, so if you’re interested, pick it up.… Read More

Hachimura Basis x Jordan Brand’s latest co-branded clothing collection officially debuts

Jordan Brand signee Rui Hachimura, who has been a standout forward for the Wizards in the NBA, has released his latest “Black Samurai” line of apparel along with his personalized shoes.

This time with two items, a short-sleeved t-shirt and a long-sleeved crew neck sweatshirt, in black and white, inspired by his Japanese heritage, and featuring his mother’s “Black Samurai” kanji logo. Inspired by his Japanese roots, he has added a Japanese ukiyo-e style flame totem to the hem of his T-shirt and the chest of his long-sleeved sweatshirt, conveying his love for basketball. The Nike website is now stocked with the Hachimura Basis x Jordan Brand clothing line, and readers interested in it may want to go shopping. /p … Read More

Recently the stars “signature shoes” pile up exposure! These pairs of all know is the “old shoe head”!

The NBA has recently reached the Divisional Round stage, and I wonder if your favorite team has made it this far. here?

Among the four remaining teams, the biggest surprise to me was the Dallas

The sneakers he wore under his feet also gained the attention of countless shoe fans, and the Air Jordan Luka 1 appeared in his first game back from injury.

The upper is made with Flightwire technology and the midsole is equipped with a full palm. Formula 23 performance foam, which makes its debut as a new cushioning technology!

The white and blue colorway of the Air Jordan Luka 1 in is the new colorway that he took on in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, inspired by the Real Madrid basketball team he used to play for.… Read More

React-enhanced “little barbs”! New Nike SB Ishod official pictures revealed!

Nike’s skate shoes, in addition to the currently hot Dunk SB, actually some relatively niche

Nike’s skate shoes, in addition to the currently hot Dunk SB, actually some relatively niche models, also worthy of attention.

For example, Nike’s SB Ishod, a skate shoe line for signed skater Ishod Wair.

Recently, a new colorway of “Brown Gum” will be released soon and the official image has been revealed.

The shoe is made of reddish brown suede upper, the texture is excellent.

A special wave pattern grid is added to the side windows and front of the tongue for a unique visual effect as well as a more comfortable and breathable fit.

The top of the tongue “ISHOD” embroidery and Swoosh

The Swoosh logo is a slanted line with the “barbs” on the side of the vamp, giving it an irreverent street look.Read More

Doom and gloom style! What grade do you give to the “battle damaged” Stan Smith?

Born in the 1960s, Stan Smith has been around forever and has been pushing the envelope with new products.

The brand is a popular brand in the world.

Recently, Balenciaga and adidas collaborated on the Spring 2023 show to create a pair of destructive Stan Smith that attracted the attention of many players.

The Destroyed Stan Smith unveiled at the show features the Balenciaga brand’s

The Destroyed Stan Smith show featured Balenciaga’s Design Director, Demna Gvasalia’s iconic old destruction.

The black leather upper shows signs of wear and tear, and the flat shape re

The black leather upper shows signs of wear and tear, and the flat shape reinterprets the classic adidas Originals Stan Smith. div style=”text-align: right;”Pic via: myfacewheo_o

At the moment, there is no release information for the new Balenciaga x adidas co-branded shoe Destroyed Stan Smith, interested parties can stay tuned, we will be the first to bring the latest report.… Read More

BAPE “luxury car co-branding” will be on sale soon!

Every year, BAPE® brings a lot of unpredictable crossover collaborations. BAPE (mytag /) has been bringing out a lot of unconventional collaborations every year, including the impressive luxury car co-branding, which is a huge topic of discussion and popularity!

Recently, BAPE® has teamed up with Hot Wheels, a famous alloy car model brand, to bring a new collaboration series based on NIGO’s classic sports car, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, collected in Tokyo’s BAPELAND.

One of the most iconic cars in the Mercedes-Benz family, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL was created by the famous racing car designer Rudolf · Uhlenhaut as the 300SLR.

▼ Ullenhaupt and the 300SLR

The streamlined body with the most popular gull-wing door design is considered by fans as a classic masterpiece of elegance and avant-garde.… Read More

The Nike N7 Free is a new stirrup shoe coming soon!

Every year Nike releases the N7 collection inspired by Native American culture, both in terms of colorways and

Every year, Nike releases the Native American-inspired N7 collection, and the color palette and materials used are always a hit.

Recently, Nike’s new N7 collection is back. A Free Crater Trail Moc Mule is the first to debut.

With a unique one-foot stirrup shape and a striped slipper-like upper, the Free Crater Trail Moc Mule offers a strong sense of style.

The inner leather part of the stripes has a special tie-dye effect, adding a touch of handcrafted texture to the shoe.

The heel part is open design, easy to put on and take off.

The sole of the shoe is inherited from the classic Free running shoe, Free Run Trail.… Read More

BAPE’s latest MAD STA shoe collection debuts

BAPE officially launches the new MAD STA shoe collection, designed with the theme of “GOOD SUNDAY” in mind. The new MAD STA collection is based on the theme of “GOOD SUNDAY” and features a classic black and white color palette and traditional lace-up design for a minimalist look that conveys an effortlessly versatile style. In addition, the new MAD STA collection also conceals quality materials and exquisite workmanship, such as caviar leather uppers and many artisanal details, making this minimalist shoe stand out among the array of BAPE STA stars. The line is said to go on sale on May 28 through the official BAPE channel, priced at RMB 1,799. /p … Read More

adidas Originals launches FORUM OG 84 LITTLE GOAT collection

With the release of the Forum OG 84 Hi/Lo LITTLE GOAT, let’s focus back on the schoolyard and recreate the legendary style with a classic white and blue colorway, a premium leather upper and other elements that retain all of the shoe’s iconic design.

Every classic has its origins, and the adidas Forum comes from the basketball court of the 1980s. The best players of the decade trained, played and sharpened their skills in this revolutionary shoe, creating a classic silhouette that lives on today. Classic details like the premium leather upper and rubber sole have been revived in the iconic blue and white colorway that debuted in 1984.

The adidas Forum has never had boundaries, and since its birth on the court in 1984, it has also become a vehicle for a variety of cultural identities.… Read More

“Reebok x BBC co-branded shoes will be released soon!

Many people’s impressions of Reebok’s sneakers are stuck on retro running shoes, but in fact, Reebok has released many outdoor functional shoes, such as this Zig Kinetica II.

Reebok and Pharrell Williams’ brand, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), have recently come up with a new joint model based on the Zig Kinetica II.

Reebok is a brand new brand of Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), based on Zig Kinetica II.

The overall color palette is olive, with digital camouflage print on the upper, creating a strong military look.

The BBC’s iconic astronaut head is embellished on the tongue pull tab. The logo is a symbol of the brand’s identity.

Quick lacing enhances the ease of donning and doffing, and also increases the wrapping of the shoe, which is dubbed by many fans as “piggyback”.… Read More

Fresh and lively summer color scheme! The new Nike Court Dragon official pictures revealed!

Nike’s legendary designer Tinker Hatfield created the outfield specifically for China The Nike Zoom Court Dragon basketball shoe was recently released in a new colorway.

▼ First colorway

Completely different from the black and red look of the debut color scheme, the new color scheme brings a sense of summer ambiance to the design by infusing vibrant pink, yellow and blue high saturation colors.

The unique “Dragon Scale” texture on the upper and the upturned “Dragon Teeth” on the outsole of the midsole

The unique “Dragon Scale” texture on the upper and the “Dragon Tooth” shape on the outsole of the midsole allow for a full sense of power that is expected of a combat shoe.

The signature crossover strap on the upper is highly recognizable and enhances dynamic stability.… Read More