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Off White x Nike Air Presto 1.0: Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

Off White x Nike Air Presto 1.0 Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

This Off White X Nike Air Presto is one shoe that takes your casual style to another level. They are uniquely made, using high quality material.   A lot of people dream of having them. Unfortunately, they are exorbitantly priced. Not everyone who wishes to own a pair of them can afford them.

 There is no need to spend so much to look stylish, when you can look equally stylish on a budget. I recommend purchasing high quality cheap replica if you cannot afford the expensive original pair.  Purchasing the Off White replica is an ideal way to look fashionable while still on a budget.

The cheap replica sneakers are made to perfectly resemble the original pair. There are no noticeable differences between the replica pair and the original one. In fact, the replicated pair is so good; you won’t be able to differentiate them from the original pieces. Someone will have to tell you which is the replicated pair and which is the original pair.

 Good thing about the high quality replica Off White pair is that they are pocket friendly.   They enable you to stay fashionable and classy on a budget. Check out the comparison between the replicas and the real pair of the This Off white X Nike Air Presto.

Real vs High Quality Replica Review

  • The Heel Groove

The cream heel of this shoe has a visible groove that cuts from its back, all the way to back of the outer sole surface.  The groove divides the behind of the heel into two.  The groove on the heel of the original pair is very similar to the groove on the heel of the replica sneaker. The depth, definition and the dimensions of the groove are the same.  The replicas have been made to perfectly resemble the original pair. You cannot notice any palatable differences by just looking at the groove.

  • Lace Holders

The lace holders of these sneakers extend from the lower surface of the shoe.  They are plastic and cream in color. The lace holder begins as one plastic piece, and later subdivides into 4 pieces which have holes for the laces. There is another lone lace holder that does not start at the bottom of the shoes with the rest. It starts somewhere around the mouth of the shoe.  They have the Nike swoosh on the surface where they are still in contact with the heel of the shoe. If you compare the lace holders of the original and the Of White cum Nike replica, you will notice no difference. They are 100% similar.

  • The curving front bottom

When you look at the bottom of these shoes, you will realize that it is not flat. There is a slight curve at the front side. The slight curve is present in both the original pair and the replica shoe.  The angle of the curvature for both the originals and the replicated pairs is the same. The outer sole curves outwards to provide more comfort to your feet. Notice the outward curve on the front part of the bottom of the both the replica and the original below?

  • Heel Bottom detailing

The groove divides the back part of the heel into two.  On the groove, ‘AIR’ has been inscribed. One side has 2 black elevations. The rest of the heel has elevations in the shape of small quadrilaterals. The small quadrilaterals are evenly arranged across the heel.  The quadrilaterals form slightly curved lines. They are also perfectly arranged vertically, in both the replica sneaker and the original pair.

 There are small elevations emerging from the top of the quadrilaterals.  These small circular elevations ensure you feel nice and comfortable walking in these master pieces.

If you compare the details of the cheap replica and the real shoes, you will find no noticeable differences. The details of the replicated shoes have been made to 100% resemble those of the original pair.  Check out the details of both the replica and the original below.

  • Raised Toe Box

The original pair of this Off White x Nike Air Presto sneakers is raised at the front. The front part of the sole elevates the toe box a little higher than the rest of the shoe. The high quality cheap replica is raised as well. The raised aspect of the original and the replica give you a sense of comfort and style while walking.

 Sneakers that are not slightly elevated at the front are not as comfortable as the elevated ones.  Non-elevated sneakers also look cheap. Cheaply made replicas will be flat at the front. If you bump into these sneakers without an elevation, you are just about to purchase a poor quality fake Off White. Stick to high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the originals.


At the beginning, I am sure you thought that this was too good to be real.  But now, with the 100% similarity we have just reviewed above, I am sure you are convinced that you can look fashionable on a budget thanks to the cheap replica sneakers from Primestuff.

A lot of people won’t spend so much on expensive sneakers. This is why these high end sneakers do not sell so quickly in fashion shops and online stores.  To maintain a constant flow of the sneakers and customers to your shop, you can purchase the cheap sneakers that are 100% like the originals.  This way, you are sure to sell them quickly, because now a lot of people can afford them.

It can be tricky to obtain high quality replica of Off White X Nike Air Presto when the market is full of funny looking and poorly made replicas. In this case, there is nothing to worry about. Primestuff is an online store that deals with 100% high quality replicas. Purchase the sneakers wholesale from Primestuff and enjoy the value for your money.

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