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Off-White is the New Black – Cheap Replica Off-White Wholesale

Founded by Virgil Abloh, fashion label Off-White is like the new kid in town – since the first day of its launch, everyone was curious about it, people were talking about it, and (BOOM!) suddenly it became the popular kid of the block.

Marked by its signature white stripes pattern, Off-White is a streetwear brand that offers simple, urban fashion items that could fit in everyone and anyone’s wardrobe – including T-shirt, sweatshirt, distressed jeans, camouflage jacket and the likes.

(All images from Off-White’s official website)

Celebrities absolutely love Off-White – Jay Z was seen in its T-shirt, Travi$ Scott in its hoodie, Drake in its flannel shirt… literally every single piece of Off-White clothing ever released has been seen on a Hollywood star.

However, there is this one extraordinary item that was loved by most. Seen on Beyonce, Future, Kylie Jenner and AJ Green, it is the Off-White’s Archive Field Jacket Camo. Green camouflage jacket featuring colourful patterned patches on the sleeves and white arrows on its back, this jacket has stolen the hearts of many. Utilising the conventional camouflage pattern and field jacket cut, Abloh turned a notch up for a simple streetwear piece with the addition of decorative elements on its sleeves. As simple as that, the Archive Field Jacket Camo has become one of Off-White’s most recognizable items.

(Image from Off-White’s official website)

With all the hype going around the brand, it is not an easy feat to get one’s hand on an Off-White piece. Popular items are easily sold out while rare pieces are often bought out by fans and collectors. As a result, many were seen to be out in the wild (read: internet) to hunt down their favourite pieces from different parts of the world.

And here we are, joining the hunt with you guys! Let us have the honour to be your compass and map to help you in landing that one Off-White T-shirt that you have been eyeing for since forever.

Our first stop is: Taobao. Simple searching with keyword “offwhite” would give you over hundred pages of Off-White related fashion pieces, including the brand’s iconic T-shirts, hoodies and jackets. These items listed on Taobao are within a wide price range of USD 15 – USD 700. A general rule of thumb to assess the quality and authenticity of these listed products are: the ones on the cheaper end are usually cheap knockoffs of the original while the higher priced one are authentic Off-White clothing sold by recognized flagship store on Taobao.

(Screen cap from Taobao)

Besides Taobao, AliExpress would be another great platform if you would like to get your hand on cheap Off-White clothing. However, if you were to search for “Off-White” on the website, you will get a bunch of women’s dresses and accessories in off-white colour, instead of fashion items related to the brand Off-White.

Instead, if you are to search by “Virgil Abloh”, you will see how magic works on AliExpress. By searching the designer’s name, you will be able to find numerous cheap Off-White T-shirts and sweatshirts lookalikes. Averaging at price USD 15, these are simply cheap imitation of the original. At such cheap price, their quality is definitely questionable. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the cheapest bargain of wholesale Off-White clothing knock-offs where quality is not your top priority, AliExpress is definitely the way to go!

(Screen cap from AliExpress)

Are you tired and confused of searching for just a simple Off-White T-shirt online yet? Because I am. Admittedly, although Taobao is providing us a lot of options to select from, it is laborious to browse through hundred pages of seemingly identical Off-White T-shirts and hoodies. Ain’t nobody got time to click into each item to decide if it is of decent quality. AliExpress, on the other hand, is obviously saturated with imitations, which quality is as unclear as when one is trying to figure what toy is in a Kinder Surprise.

If you are indeed exhausted and on the verge of giving up already, I shall suggest you to visit Prime Stuff ( Prime Stuff is an online wholesaler that merchandizes various luxury brands and fashion products; and of course, it carries Abloh’s Off-White.

Currently, Prime Stuff is carrying Off-White’s T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, as well as the iconic Archive Field Jacket Camo! These items listed on the website are within the price range of USD 65 – USD 100. Compared to Taobao and AliExpress, they are relatively more expensive but since these are guaranteed high-grade 1:1 replica, you know you are getting something that is not going to disintegrate after two washes in the washing machine!

All in all, if you are interested of getting cheap but high quality Off-White clothing knock-offs, you should definitely drop by Prime Stuff to try your luck!

(All images from Prime Stuff)

We hope that you will have a piece of these amazing Virgin Abloh’s creations in your wardrobe soon! Peace out.

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