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Nike Off White Collab Release Introduction and Buying Strategies

Without a doubt, the award of the hottest shoe style of 2017 belongs to no other but “The Ten ”Nike Off White Shoes, a collaboration project between Virgil Abloh and Nike. This all-star project translates brand new ideas into designs to reconstruct 10 classics, creating a neat portfolio for us to look into Nike’s past, present and future. Virgil’s innovative way of creative expression flawlessly showcases the story and essence of each and every piece of design

OFF-WHITE, the celebrated high-end street style brand founded by Virgin Abloh (who is also the appointed stylist of Kanye West) in 2013, has since been a favourite in the fashion world with incessant support from countless celebrities. As an ambitious fashion brand, the first item on OFF-WHITE’s to-do-list is of course to team up with different brands to launch collaborated collections. In 2017, Nike officially announced “The Ten” collection, a collaborated series with OFF-WHITE’s designer Virgin Abloh. The collection boasts a large-scale game plan with brand-new designs of 10 classics, stirring up a new wave of shopping frenzies among fans and non-fans alike.

1.Nike Off White Air Jordan 1

2.Nike Off White Air Max 90

3.Nike Off White Presto

4. Nike Off White Vapormax

5.Nike Off White Blazer.

6.Nike Off White Converse Chuck Taylor.

7.Nike Off White Zoomva Porfly.

8.Nike Off White Hyper Dunk.

9.Nike Off White Air Max 97

10.Nike Off White Air Force 1

These 10 designs are divided into two main themes; the first is “REVEALING”, including Air Jordan 1, NIKE Air Max 90, NIKE Air Presto, NIKE Air VaporMax and NIKE Blazer Mid. The theme of “REVEALING” aims to allow direct sensory appreciation of the entire design process: cutting by hands, deconstruction of designs, and the ultimate reconstruction, which retains the classical outer look but, at the same time, expresses a unique design style.

The second theme of “GHOSTING” is comprised of CONVERSE Chuck Taylor, NIKE Zoom Fly SP, NIKE Air Force 1 Low, NIKE React Hyperdunk 2017 and NIKE Air Max 97. Through the uniform use of translucent material on each piece’s vamp, “GHOSTING” is able to display the shoes’ silhouette while seamlessly linking together the 5 classics of distinctive eras. In the entire series, each design dons OFF-WHITE’s iconic manual trait on its midsoles, laces and other minor details, clearly brandishing itself as a collaborated item.

Nike Off White Buying Guide From AlIexpress,Dhgate and Taobao

If you are to search for Nike Off White on Aliexpress or DHgate, it would usually yield no result as these websites restrict all sales of brand copycats. Not to mention, Nike and Off White are big brands with strong intellectual property protection. As a result, it is rather difficult to buy replicas, regardless of their quality, on big shopping platforms.

On the other hand, if you search for “off white 联名” (translated into “off white collaboration”) on Taobao, most of the displayed results are original products. Those priced below RMB500 are replicas although being rather rare. You may try searching with keywords like “乔1联名”, “联名Presto”, “联名AJ1” and “联名鞋 外贸” to find more replica shoes.

In the case where you are not equipped to differentiate the quality of a replica, but at the same time would like to own a pair of high quality replica, you may try This website focuses on selling top version replicas, which quality can only be discerned by the eyes of true professionals.

Hope this post can help you learn more about nike off white.

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