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“Nike “garbage shoes” have a new color scheme!

Last summer, Nike added the Air Max Terrascape Plus, based on the 1998 Air Max Plus, with new eco-friendly materials.

The official images of a new colorway of the Air Max Terrascape Plus have recently been released, which at first glance looks quite similar to last year’s green model, but with different materials and details.

The shoe is covered in grass green throughout, with recycled polyester upper and outsole.

* Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode to enable a quick charge from non On/Off Charge USB ports.

The “fishbone” shaped TPU on the side of the shoe with the giant Swoosh logo around the upper makes a strong visual impact.

The center cutout has been changed from a mesh material to a translucent texture.

The granular Ceater Foam material in the midsole is paired with a retro windowed air cushion to provide ample cushioning feedback.

The insole and outsole are also covered with colorful particles, which are a reflection of the brand’s eco-friendly design.

It is said that the new colorway of Nike Air Max The Terrascape Plus will be available for $185 in the near future, so stay tuned if you like it!

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus
Item number: DN4590-002
Release date: 2022
Release price: $185

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