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LV Hot new line of Replica Louis Vuitton Shoes and Slides: Buying Guide and High Quality Fake Review

Louis Vuitton Shoes and Slides: Buying Guide and High Quality

Louis Vuitton shoes are out to put smiles on your face and everyone out there who loves the brand. Recently, the band released a new line of hot sneakers and slides. If you have yet to see them, visit Primestuff and see the Louis Vuitton shoe replica just waiting for you.

I also know you would want to get your hand on the sensational new releases as soon as you can. That is why I’m here to give you a searching guide for Cheap Louis Vuitton’s shoes on Taobao. I will also do a comparison between the real LV shoes vs the high-quality LV shoes on Prime stuff. Lastly, I will take you through a tour of the sparkling new shoes Louis Vuitton has just released into the market for 2019.

Does that sound like a ride you are willing to take? Come with me and get yourself acquainted to the new sneakers and sandals in town.

Search Guide for LV Sneakers and Sandal on Taobao

If you find it hard to navigate through the Mandarin on Taobao, you are not alone. Many other buyers find it a challenge as well. Today I’m going to make it easy for you. I will hold your hand and show you how to move around Taobao as you search for cheap fashion merchandise.

  1. Registration

Since most online customers are using smartphones, I’m going to assume you are using one too. Search for Taobao app and download. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking here “同意” (Agree). Give the app permission to access your location, gallery, and camera. Proceed to register by clicking here “注册/登录” (Register / Login). If it is your first time with the app, you should be registering. Insert your phone number and click “获取验证码” (Request for OTP). Insert the OPT and hit the orange patch to proceed into your account.

Here is a pictorial process of what we just did up there;

Louis Vuitton Shoes

You are now set and ready to shop until you drop.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • Searching for LV Sneakers

On the search bar, type ‘Louis Vuitton shoes/sneaker’ and click the enter button. Viola, you just open a flood gate of cheap Louis Vuitton shoes.

 Pick whatever product you love and go over the reviews. It is important you know what other people are saying about a specific product before you buy it. Select and add it to cart. Go over any other cheap shoe you like and keep adding them to the cart. When you have had enough, it is time to check out. Head back to the home page and click on your cart. You will see all the products you added. Make sure it is all there before you make the next move to payment. Enter your card details and confirm. Make sure you include your current address where the products will be delivered. And just like that, you have your cart of cheap Louis Vuitton shoes coming to your doorstep.

Real vs High Quality Replica LV Sneakers and Sandals

I cannot get over the idea that LV has released some hot looking sneakers and sandals that should be your goal this summer. As I always tell you, I’m happy sharing the newest fashion information with you. Today, I would like to deliver good news to you especially if you do not have a deep pocket to buy the real LV shoes. Primestuff will be stocking high quality replicas of the new catch that will not be any different from the real shoes. Do you know what is even better? You will get Louis Vuitton shoes replica wholesale at very ridiculously low prices. Before you begin to celebrate this great news, let me show you how close the real and high quality replica LV shoes and sandals are to each other. In fact, I cannot tell one from the other.

  • The LV Bright Summer slide

A quick look at this LV slide will tell you how beautiful it is. You can grab a cheap replica from Primestuff and rock your summer in style. Let us see how the real compares to the high quality Primestuff replica.

  • General Appearance

You can hardly tell the difference between the two. They look like identical twins.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • The top strap detailing

It is all the same in every inch. The LV logo and the floral décor are all consistent on both slides.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • The foot bed

On both slide, you can see that is all snow white and smooth. No single deviation whatsoever.

  • The bottom

The treading and LV logo look the same on both slides. You have no business looking for fake Louis Vuitton shoes when there is everything you need in the top quality replica.

  • LV Summer low Sneaker

For simplicity, this LV sneaker will be a big catch. The comfort and functional design is worth your try. How does the reality compare to the high-quality replica? Let’s see that now.

  • Top view

When you take a look at this sneaker from the top you can see both are the same.

  • The midsole

The width and every small detail are the same on both pieces. You cannot tell one from the other.

  • The heel and upper back

The depth of the heels and all the way up to the top back crown is all the same. Those looking for Louis Vuitton shoes replica at affordable rates, you have a reason to smile.

  • The Insole

All the details, tone and feel is all uniform. Both innersoles are the same in every possible way.

  • The bottom

The treading pattern and every other detail look the same on both sneakers. It proves that buying Louis Vuitton shoe replica is an equally good decision.

  • Virgil Abloh high top LV sneaker

For those who love high top LV sneakers, this Virgil Abloh sneaker is a choice you will not regret. It is the durable, good looking, and perfect blend for your casual and formal outfits. Let us compare the real versus the high-quality replica from Prime stuff.

  • Overall appearance

You will agree with me this sneaker is a piece of art viewing it from the top. Both the replica and real are perfect matches.

  • Side stitching

To keep the sneaker strong and durable, the stitching is perfectly done. On both shoes, you can see it is all the same every stitch to the other.

  • The foot bed

Can you tell anything different from any of the sneakers here? You can’t and I can’t too. That tells how excellent the Primestuff replica is in matching the real LV.

  • The high top strap

As you can see, the strap is crystal creamy and in exact detailing. All of the back parts is a look-alike for both the real and replica.

  • The bottom

You can see that everything look the same on the otter sole. The replica and real sneakers are detailed the same way.

  • The rainbow LV Slide

Here is another slide that you should grab for the summer. It is pretty with colorful décor and keeps the quality we know of LV. Pretty light and a perfect fit for the wearer. Does the replica and real slide match? Yes, they do and here are head-to-head comparisons.

  • Top view

Prime stuff does another good job in making sure their slide is no different from the real LV. It is way above the quality of the fake Louis Vuitton shoes, and at the same level with the real.

  • The top strap

Here there is nothing much to talk about. The color and décor on the straps are the same and consistent in everything.

  • The foot rest

The texture, LV logo and the general color of the foot rest are similar. You cannot tell which shoe is real or replica.

  • The bottom

Again, there is no noticeable difference between the two. It can never get better for those looking for top quality Louis Vuitton shoe replica.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • Louis Vuitton Rivoli Sneaker

This is another low top LV sneaker with swag for the summer. It is one of its kinds and LV announced it as a limited edition. Before the few pairs disappear from the shelves, make your way to Primestuff and get this Louis Vuitton Shoes replica wholesale. Our big question is how does the real compare to the replica? They are like identical twins as the comparison below shows.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • Top view

I find it hard to tell one shoe from the other. They are 100% alike and a good thing for those looking for cheap Louis Vuitton sneakers.

  • Midsole

There is no way of differentiating both pieces looking at the midsole. The width, hue, and texture are all the same.

  • Innersole

It is all the same for all the details on the innersole. Both have a white background, LV logo, and the floral motif.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • Top back crown

There is consistency on the back top crown in color, the detailing, letter fonts and size.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • Louis Vuitton Rivoli High Top Sneaker

LV is notorious for making some of the best high top sneakers across the globe. This Rivoli masterpiece is a proof of exactly that. You can tell its quality is out of this world. Thanks to its bright décor, it comes at a good time for the summer. You have no reason to complain about it being pricey as you can get a cheap Louis Vuitton replica sneaker from Primestuff. Just like the rest of the new LV releases, the Primestuff replica is a perfect match for the real sneaker as you will see below.

  • General appearance

Even for the sharpest eye, you cannot spot any difference between the two.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • The high top strap and LV logo

Do you see anything not matching on both shoes? Not even a tiny difference can be spotted.

Louis Vuitton Shoes
  • The bottom

The tread pattern, the middle patch and the bull-eye spot are all the same on both sneakers.

Louis Vuitton Shoes

Are you now thirst for one of the LV hot new releases? Head to Primestuff and grab as many pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes replica wholesale. There is more than you need. Remember, keep it on this blog as every day I have something new and interesting to share with you.

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