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Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica -Why You Must Buy A Top Quality ?

How to Identify Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag

Speaking of “LOUIS VUITTON”,
Girls, first one in your mind will be their~
Neverfull (street handbag)! ~

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is one of LV’s representative handbag. Neverfull means that you are always dissatisfied. Wallets, cosmetic bags, umbrellas, and even a piece of clothing are all in the bag, as a street bag. It’s hard to say that almost no one knows nothing, but how many high quality and low quality on the street?

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull cheap that thousands of people love, gives a huge smashing opportunity for bad fake businesses. If you spend a less than 10,000 to buy a Louis Vuitton Neverfull fake with low quality, your heart will not be broken. So, lovers of Louis Vuitton handbags replica, learn this article which will tell you how to identify cheap Louis Vuitton bags, it is impossible to buy fake Louis Vuitton. Today our main character is this LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull white checkerboard shoulder bag replica.

▲top quality Louis Vuitton Neverfull white checkerboard shoulder bag.
How do you identify two bags that look like a big one?

▲The real and the fake

▼ Two Neverfull, what you look like at a glance, how can you tell which is top quality or low quality? Baby, if I don’t tell you which one is top which is low? Can you distinguish? Identification point 1, surface letter LOGO pattern.

as the picture shows

1:▼Top quality white checkerboard: all quality LOGO patterns on the top quality surface are uniform spray points, LOUIS VUITTON PARIS overall looks uneven; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: all the LOGO patterns on the low quality surface are solid lines. ✖

2: Top quality capital letter A is thicker and wider than other letter fonts; ✔

Low quality capital letter A is consistent with other letter fonts. ✖

3: Top quality capital letter R, pay attention to the last R of R, R leg and a vertical are connected together, into an acute angle ;✔

Low quality The last letter of the capital letter R, the R leg is separated from the vertical. ✖

Identification point 2, portable part

▼1,Top quality white checkerboard: The real hand has a uniform and clear leather creasing line, the portable side oil is very thin and looks like a raw edge; ✔

▼2, Low quality white checkerboard: Quality replica Louis Vuitton white checkerboard bag’ s hands are not clear and the seam line directly covers the creasing line. ✖

1:▼Top quality white checkerboard: The genuine trace has the part that needs to be reinforced by the return line, and the return line is symmetrical; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: The parts of the fake Louis Vuitton neverfull bag that need to be returned are not reinforced by the return line and the return line is asymmetrical. ✖

2: The color of the Top quality line is blue-yellow, and the matte will not light up under the low light; ✔

The color of the Low quality line is fluorescent yellow. It will illuminate under the light. ✖

3: Top quality line holes are uniform and the hole position is small; ✔

Low quality holes vary in size and the holes are too large. ✖

Identification point 3, hardware

▼Top quality white checkerboard: Top quality buckle connection is a metal block; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: The Low quality dog buckle connection is a distinct spring. ✖

1: ▼Top quality white checkerboard: Top quality buckle connection is a metal block; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: The Low quality dog buckle connection is a distinct spring. ✖

2: Top quality dog buckle rivets are very small, do not look thick when you look carefully, and will not protrude from the metal surface; ✔

The Low quality buckle has a large rivet that protrudes directly from the metal surface and is round and large. ✖

3: Top quality replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull’s lettering is small and the font is neat, angular and distinct; ✔

Low quality Louis Vuitton lettering groove exaggerated too large, the font is slightly skewed and rounded. ✖

4: Top quality dog buckle nut has 2 layers, the shape is like a round cake, the sides are thin, the middle is thick; ✔

The Low qualiy dog buckle nut has only one layer and is shaped like a regular cylinder. ✖

Ps: Louis Vuitton’s metal is a little dark blue gold and copper, the overall texture is matte, there will never be a bright golden metal

Identification point 4, zipper head

1:▼Top quality white checkerboard: metal zipper head of genuine supreme Louis Vuitton replica rounded corner smooth; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: the metal zipper head of fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull has an angular shape. ✖

2: Top quality zipper head Louis Vuitton neverfull lettering font is neat, angular and clear, flat not protruding; ✔

Low quality zippered Louis Vuitton neverfull lettering embossed is too exaggerated, the font is round and prominent. ✖

Identification point 5, lining

1:▼ authentic white checkerboard: the genuine lining will rarely fluff for a long time; ✔

▼  white checkerboard from replica Louis Vuitton: the fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull lining even if not used a few times it is easy to rise. ✖

2: The authentic lining has a high knitting density and a small knitting gap; ✔

The density of the lining of the replica lining is small, the gap is too large, and the magnification can clearly see the gap. ✖

Identification point 6, the reverse side of the inner pocket

▼Top quality white checkerboard: This is the detail of the thing, the authenticity of the inner pocket zipper is still handled very well, the double-line return line must also be symmetrical; ✔

Low quality white checkerboard: The two-line return line of fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag is very random. I want to go back where the return line is, and some even return to the 3-layer line. The line holes are also different, and some can see small cracks. ✖

Identification point 7, LOGO on the lining leather

1:▼Top quality white checkerboard: authentic LOUIS VUITTON, the letter O is a regular full circle;

▼Low quality white checkerboard: replica LOUIS VUITTON, the letter O is an irregular ellipse. ✖

2: Top quality LOUIS VUITTON, the letter N is wide and flat, and the strokes are sharper; ✔

Low quality LOUIS VUITTON, the letter N is short. ✖

3: Top quality leather and trace lines are parallel and equally spaced from the edges of the leather edge;

The Low quality leather and the indentation line are not parallel to the three edges of the leather edge and have different spacing. ✖

4: PARIS zooms in and out for everyone to see!

1:▼Top quality white checkerboard: First, the authentic letter A font is thicker and wider; ✔

▼Low quality white checkerboard: The letter A font from Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag fake is the same as other fonts. ✖

2: Top quality letter R, the same as the surface LOGO, pay attention to the last stroke of R, R leg and a vertical are connected together, into an acute angle; ✔

The last stroke of the Low quality letter R, R, the R leg is separated from the vertical. ✖

3: The upper part of the Top quality letter S is smaller than the lower part, and the upper part is smaller; ✔

The Low quality letter S is as large as the upper and lower parts. ✖

Want to be an expert on appraisal for Louis Vuitton bags wholesale? Such as Louis Vuitton Neverfull gm replica and Louis Vuitton Neverfull pm fake . In that case you must pay attention to our follow-up appraisal series~, which are about replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull review, and we will introduce different Louis Vuitton Neverfull sizes. We hope that through these identification knowledge, everyone can polish their eyes! Let low quality goods have no room to hide!

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