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Perfect Kicks

KITH summer new products are full of vacation style! The “Desperado” fried chicken uncle as a model!

Fans of trends must be familiar with KITH, ever since the popularity of the three-way collaboration with Converse and

Recently, KITH once again brings us a new summer surprise, this time the model featured in the KITH Summer 2022 catalogue is Giancarlo Esposito, who played the popular character “Uncle Chicken” in “Desperado” and “Sassy Lawyer”.

The new collection includes t-shirts, shirts, shorts and shoes, and was shot The collection was shot in James Goldstein’s mansion, with a semi-open balcony overlooking the Los Angeles complex and skyline.

In keeping with KITH’s style, the collection is a collection of clothing items in plain colors that give a sense of style to the hot weather.

In line with KITH, the collection features plain colors that bring a refreshing touch to the hot summer days.

The floral shorts with a very charming interior and exterior are a great way to create an overall atmosphere with the clothes.

It’s a shame that KITH has never been available in China.

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